Chicken: Why Jane Kim is the smartest guy in the room

From: "Chicken:" <>
Subject: Chicken: Why Jane Kim is the smartest guy in the room
Date: May 4th 2018

Why Jane Kim is the smartest guy in the room:

PR is hard. Lots of people get it wrong. When you get PR right, it’s because you’re smart and effective. Wanna know how smart Jane is? READ THIS:

OK, so the reporter is writing a hatchet job. This isn’t journalism, this is corruption. Wonder how much Ron Conway paid Rachel Swan to drag Jane through the muck? I’ll bet it was cheap. The story that would come out of questions like this would be junk.

So yea, the “reporter” is an idiot with no ethics. So the SF Chronicle has “the ball” and if you want to play, you have to play by their rules. Right? Wrong-0. This is the move that changes the tide for Jane (and Mark). What you just read was a window into the Downtown Machine. Sure, the Chronicle is going to have a fold-out full color poster of London in their Sunday edition on June 3rd. And they are going to make white people feel racist for not voting for the African American candidate. But if enough people read that Medium article…

London Breed doesn’t have a chance. Because the same corrupt machine that anointed her is sending their thugs to attack Jane. And it’s not the way it’s supposed to go. Endorsing a candidate doesn’t mean you attack the other candidates. Right? Democracy, free press, fairness…

What Jane has done here is immeasurably smart. She has used the weapon of her enemy (and yes, the Chron is The Enemy) against them more effectively and cleverly then they could use against her. This is what PR genius looks like. Jane Kim is the smartest guy in the room. Anyone who can’t see that the Downtown Machine that fucked our city desperately doesn’t want Jane Kim to be Mayor has blinders on. If we continue to let them run the city WE WILL ALL SIMPLY LEAVE. We will have built this place FOR THEM.

Consider, if you will… That our city is being STOLEN. By billionaires. Attracted to our cool and the arts, they will come and TAKE. UNTIL THERE IS NOTHING LEFT. They chopped down the last tree on Easter Island. That is what is happening here.

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