Chicken: AGENTS OF CHAOS, unatherized book release party at Castro Theatre

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Subject: Chicken: AGENTS OF CHAOS, unatherized book release party at Castro Theatre
Date: April 15th 2013


So.... here is our next show:



Agents of Chaos is the world’s first unauthorized book release party! 


The authors of the book “Tales of the San Francisco Cacophony Society” refuse to have anything to do with this event honoring their work, and may even be picketing outside!  But we’re throwing them a party anyway – an epic event, featuring:

    The YES MEN!

    James DeWolf from “Tourettes without Regrets” and “Snap Judgment"!

    Polly Superstar and her herd of Sparkleponies!

     Cognitive scientist Professor Lera Boraditsky!

    Reason Magazine’s Brian Doherty!


… And more!  All hosted by Ivan Stang, founder of the Church of the Sub-genius!  Produced by the impresarios who brought you the All Worlds Fair!



Wouldn’t YOU want a party like this honoring the release of your book?  Of course you would!  WHAT’S WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!?


The San Francisco Cacophony Society never asked anyone’s permission to do anything, so we don’t care that the writers of their definitive history want us to get off their lawn! 


Because it’s a book release party, when you buy a ticket, you ALSO get the option of buying the book – a hilarious history of the late 20th century’s premier pranksters including amazing color photos and never-before-publicly-admitted-to-exploits – for half price! 



    Order a book in advance, with your ticket, and it’s just $20! 

    Buy a book at the show and it will be $25 with proof of ticket.

    Wait until the book’s in stores, and it’s $40. 


What are you waiting for!  Come see the Yes Men!  Come honor Cacophony!  They won’t like it, BUT WE’RE ON THEIR LAWN!  What are you going to do about it, grandpa? 

The whole thing is at San Francisco’s historic Castro Theatre, on May 31.  Pre-show is 7 - 9, featuring incredible video clips from the historic “Weird TV” archive of Cacophony in action!  Show is 9-10:30.  Post-show … while you get your books signed (we’re not sure from who yet.  Maybe the janitor.  We’re working on it) … is the tragic documentary about the world’s worst clowns (and it’s all true) CIRCUS REDICKULESS, by Phil Glau.


Buy a ticket!  Order a book!  Piss off the authors!  It’ll change your life!




Pre-show (7-9):




    Weird TV was a television program in the early 90's made by Cacophonist and director Chuck Cirino. The short bursts of video brilliance captured many of the early Cacophony events and human interest stories.




The show (9-10:30): 




    The Yes Men are a group of activists that embrace a very direct approach to pointing out the evils of corporate greed: they pose as spokespeople from the corporation and admit the wrong-doings of the corporation. They pose of banking executives and give seminars on how to fuck people over. They pretend to be capitalist entrepreneurs with new technology for employee maintenance at corporate conferences and make the people listening to them into idiots. These people are a force nature. Their website ( and YouTube channel tell the tale better than I can. But suffice to say they were influenced by the Cacophony Society and we are very excited to bring them out for this show!


    Dr. Lera Boraditsky is a cognitive philology professor currently at Stanford University. She is doing a short talk on how the Cacophony Society has changed the course of human evolution. For realzies.


    Polly Superstar is the lady behind Kinky Salon and her herd of Sparkleponies will be live on stage with her to show the power of Burning Man's stampede!  Polly and her Sparklepoinies will explain the true meaning of Burning Man to you in this intellectual salon format!


    Author Brian Doherty, cacophonist, editor at Reason Magazine, and author of four books is our keynote speaker.  He will extol the virtues of the American work ethic as the engine that drove the Cacophony Society.  No kidding.  Go America!


    Jamie DeWolf is a producer on NPR’s Snap Judgment, the host of Oakland’s fabulous Tourettes without Regrets variety show, and is L. Ron Hubbard's grandson. No shit. Another person heavily influenced by the Cacophony Society, he brings his special brand of magic to our stage. 


    The Art of Bleeding is a hospital show that takes first aid to a new low. It's hard to describe, but you’ll be telling your friends about it for years.



Our host is the one and only IVAN STANG, Church of the Sub-genius founder!  Ivan will celebrate and pronounce the virtues of SLACK while setting the stage for the other speakers and make you bow before the Saint of Salesmen J. R. Bob Dobbs! Mr. Stang comes to SF for this rare appearance on the nudging of his dear friend and compatriot Dr. Hal.  Don't be surprised if you see Hal in the show somewhere as well. 



Post-show (10:30 – midnight):


Get your book signed by … um … somebody … we’ll have somebody … while you watch:



    Circus Redickuless is a tour documentary of a 1994 traveling punk rock circus led by the (very young) infamous San Francisco Showman Chicken John.  It did not go well.  The movie is a heartbreaking saga of disappointment and disillusion.  Jump as you watch the young, talent-less  circus go cross country to play in parking lots, recycling centers, and tiny bars!  Thrill as you watch people walk out of their shows!  Hold on tight as you see the clowns get thinner and thinner as the movie progresses!   Bear witness to the terrifying spectacle of the cast getting menial jobs in order to pay for a ticket home!  Then cross your eyes with amazement as you realize:  this was the first of five tours, and helped spur a world-wide resurgence in circus arts and culture! Many followed! They were first!!!


Remember:  this show is UNOFFCIAL, UNATHERIZED, NOT BLESSED and frankly the authors of the book we’re releasing are straight up kinda pissy that we are doing this. Why? Who knows. They’re old and cranky now.  The kids today are playing with iPhones instead of Frisbees, and they aren’t nearly as aerodynamic. 


Isn't it relieving to know that pranksters are still pranking? That when it comes time to write the book on how you did whatever you wanted to do because it was fun, that someone should champion that book by doing the fun thing? 


The book and the people it’s about inspired us to do a show like this.  Even if they don’t want it.  We’re going to honor them, sell their books, and make this important work known throughout the land!!!.  


Chicken John, San Francisco Institute of Possibility 




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