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Chicken: Merry Donny the Punk day

December 25th 2012 PDT

Spin Magazine used to be pretty important in 1986. When there were like 30 culture magazines on Earth and 25 of them were music magazines. From time to time, a writer from alt culture would get a few lines in here or there in the back of the book. It was a big deal then. Now, not so much. There once was a guy who certainly could not exist today who fell into having a column in Spin from time to time. Donny the Punk, aka Steven Donaldson. Donny was the first person I met when I first got to NYC in the mid 80’s ...Continue Reading

Chicken: it's the Frank and Robyn Show!!!! next Wedensday, Poker Tournament

November 2nd 2012 PDT

Here is the Facebook invite, if you like that sort of thing: It's the Frank & Robyn show! Ya know, they are the husband and wife team who do that awesome act where they load all their stuff in a moving truck then the truck gets stolen and they lose EVERYTHING? Glitz!!! Glammar!!!! Tons of laughs!!! OK. It's not funny. They lost everything and we as a community are banding together with your help to make this right. er. Righter. Rightish. We have a few acts bo ...Continue Reading

Chicken: fascinating scenario in Halendale Beach Florida...

October 30th 2012 PDT

Defining what "privatization" is is kinda paramount to knowing where you stand in our current reality of civic governance. There is a guy who was a lifeguard in Halendale Beach, Florida. Got fired for saving a drowning person. Hailed as hero. Given the key to the city. Tearful thank you's from family and so on. Co-workers who defended him got fired as well. Why? Why fire the hero? It's all right here: Welcome to the complex w ...Continue Reading

Chicken: I got married

October 1st 2012 PDT

I"m going to Corsica on my honeymoon. I'm either very smart or very lucky. I'm happy. Confounded. Exausted. And a few emotions they dont' have words for. What a great day. Everyone should get a day like that. ...Continue Reading

Passing this along from a stranger

June 24th 2012 PDT

Hi John, I'm on your list and a couple of year ago, you wrote very openly and eloquently about the worst things ever to happen to you: Being violated and raped as a child by a adult that you trusted. I remember it was Father's day when I read it, because my brother Will had tried to commit suicide that day. He too had been raped, tortured and brutalized as a 7 year old and could not find a way out emotionally from this horror. I wrote you a note about this, you wrote back right away and I got some strength and hope fr ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Camp Tipsy video...

June 18th 2012 PDT

Are you coming to Camp Tipsy? Do you not know what it is? There is a video that will explain it to you. It's 2 minutes long. Do you need a ride to Tipsy? Have room in your car? Lets offer some rides, people.... Go here, and lets carpool! Tipsy is going to be awesome this year. People are building some really stupid stuff. Some ambitious contributions include: The Teather Ball boat. The detachable Lotus Flowe ...Continue Reading

Run Ed Run!!!!!!!!!!!

November 8th 2011 PDT

I hear they may need a new mayor in Oakland... ...Continue Reading

Chicken: these are exciting times we live in...

October 30th 2011 PDT

6 months ago, we ended a debate about public space. It was a battle that took months to wage, the enemy was hard to know and the fix was in. But we triumphed. Why? Because we were right and we were diligent. What were we fighting for? Same thing Occupy Wall Street is. Same thing Occupy Oakland is. Same thing Rev. Billy keeps getting thrown in jail for. The conversation is forever and always about public space. And how confused people and corporations get about how it’s supposed to be used. We are talking about ...Continue Reading

Chicken: How democracy works

September 19th 2011 PDT

So allow me to tell you a story that my pal Jeremy told me once about how our democracy works, then I’m gonna tell you how that story is playing out again this very evening and then I’m gonna remind you that I wrote a book and there is a book release party on September 30th at 111 Minna.   Jeremey tells me that on a hot summer afternoon at the Garfield Street park, there were 200 kids in the pool. Splashing and screaming and dunking and chattering. His kids were amongst the melting pot of basically ...Continue Reading

thought that things were different, but they were different that we thought. A re-post from September 11th 2001

September 11th 2011 PDT

Ten years ago, I wrote the following post to my list. I share this with you now, because we did go to war. But none of us could ever have guessed that it was the eternal war without end. I also say something here, about politics. Which you may find amuzing now. My mantra used to be "Politics divide people, art brings people together". I still beleive that, I guess. But... but I guess I... well... nevermind. Some things should just be funny. I'll take my licks. I deserve 'em. -----Original Message----- From: ...Continue Reading
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