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Chicken: Last chance for all worlds fair

February 13th 2013 PDT

So released more tickets. That means that shows that were previously sold out now have tickets available. Less then 100. Act quick. And read this blog because it's the best thing ever: ...Continue Reading

Chicken: The All Worlds Fair Blog is amazing...

February 11th 2013 PDT There are VERY few tickets left. Definatly will sell out this week. Only 1,500 tickets available in total. Then, we are at fire capacity and we will not be able to allow a single extra person in. chicken ...Continue Reading

Chicken: All Worlds Fair

February 6th 2013 PDT

So many of you may not have put together that I have something to do with the All Worlds Fair. I do. I am recommending you go. Not that there would be any reason why I would NOT recommend that you go to ANY event at the Old SF Mint on Mission and 5th street... but you should certainly come to this one. You should consider doing it soon, there are only 1,400 tickets available and 1,000 of them are now gone. So get a move on... *********************************************************** ...Continue Reading

Chicken: VD at the CP

February 6th 2013 PDT

Dinner and fun for singles, others, extras, complicationalists and inclusionists. Just because you're single doesn't mean you can't celebrate LOVE. Please join us for a very romantic Valentine's Day dinner at Chez Poulet... Bring chocolates and flowers and cards to share with the other guests (this is not optional- it's how romance works). There will be bad love poems, genuine outpourings of affection, and great food. And then we will feed each other desert. Single people, people arguing with their partner and wanti ...Continue Reading

Chicken: the wedding dress

February 5th 2013 PDT

So…. Eileen spent $5,000 on her wedding dress. I agreed with the caveat that she sell it or give it away afterward so that more then one person gets to enjoy it. What I really wanted was for her to sell it or give it away to someone who would do the same. It’s a beautiful dress. But even if we had a daughter she won’t want to wear it anyway, just like Eileen didn’t wanna wear her moms’ dress this time around. And I reminded Eileen how much she enjoyed wedding dress shopping with her mom, and how much she will enjo ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Sportsball Sunday

February 3rd 2013 PDT

So it was a cold, dry winter Sunday and no one was around. I lived in a communal disaster on 2nd Ave Manhattan, in the East Village. It was when I was doing the van thing, moving stuff for people. Anyway, there were no jobs booked for that day. Laundry. Cleaning up. Listening to some music. Looking at mail. Too cold to do anything outside, no one else around. It had been ages since I called my (biological) brother Jim. He’s a salami sammich kinda Jersey boy who took over my biological dad’s painting b ...Continue Reading

vist the All Wolrds Fair

January 26th 2013 PDT

About the All Worlds Fair The All Worlds Fair dates back to the beginning of everything: the Big Bang was its opening exhibit, and time itself was purchased off the shelf from one of its kiosks. Travel to an All Worlds Fair today to see the most extraordinary developments from every universe in creation! Dancers from dying planets display next to internet enabled Faberge eggs; automatons that have made Faustian bargains weep at the singing of vengeful spirits from the Russian aristocracy, while alien life forms play ...Continue Reading

is this the beginning of some good shit?

January 25th 2013 PDT

So there is this guy… well there is always a guy. Sometimes it’s a girl. They do things. They push and pull and jump up and down and they make shit happen. They need help. Every one of them. They need support, energy, money and they need people like me to get people like you to make people like them work. I’m doing my part. He’s doing his part. You do yours. Give this fucking guy something. A dollar. Twenty dollars. Fifty cents. It’s not the money as much as it is the e ...Continue Reading

The All Worlds Fair call to artists, this time with a email addrss that works....

January 4th 2013 PDT It was all bouncy before, but it's good now. ...Continue Reading

The All Worlds Fair call to artists

January 4th 2013 PDT

What is the All Worlds Fair you ask? We are crafting a grand art event to take place Feb 22nd & 23rd in the absolutely magnificent Old Mint building — hands down the coolest building in SF. Massive. Endless. Exquisite. And it’s OURS!!!! With the help of awesome artists like you we will transform the Old Mint into a collage of creativity in the form of a Worlds Fair of imaginative worlds and cultures beyond our own! Aliens, hollow earth denizens, figures from alternative history, extra-dimensional ...Continue Reading
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