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Chicken: Today is the day...

November 28th 2014 PDT

Today is the day that the 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons Dungeon Masters Guide came out: I bought my copy at my local game store: Fuck Amazon. I don't mind buying used books from there, but not new ones. I like having a local game store. I like going there and seeing kids playing Magic the Gathering. I like that it's possible that I could run a game there, even though I know I li ...Continue Reading

Chicken: This Is Burning Man 10th anniversary Edition

November 19th 2014 PDT

So the cyberworld was a-buzz with musings of what the newest Simpsons' episode was going to be like when they took a trip to Burning Man. Then, the day after it aired, no one was talking about it.   Why is that, you may ask? Well. You’ll have to watch it yourself…   You can buy it here for $1.99. Because making cartoons isn't free:   It’s hands down the worst episode of the Simpsons ...Continue Reading

You have just under two hours to give the people you know a magic ticket.

October 15th 2014 PDT

There are still a few tickets left, but we are close to selling out. When the tickets are gone, they are gone. If someone is going to see the Cosmos Fall on January 31st, 2015 you have -/2 hours to get them a ticket. I wish I could entice you to get involved by explaining how awesome it will be, but I can't. Even the people IN THE SHOW don't know everything. The things they think they know may or may not be true. Actually the whole concept of "reality" is in dispute here... But what is a simp ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Message

October 14th 2014 PDT

I wrote a piece for John Law’s Cacophony Book/encyclopedia thing. He cut it in half and printed it without editing it. One of the parts he left out was a list I made about where my experiences with the Cacophony Society took me. Where the rubber hits the road, so they say…  this list is neither complete nor in any order. But at the last Fallen Cosmos meeting (hundreds of artists and performers will co-create the experience) I thought that I will definitely have to update this list after this thing. So I thoug ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Checking in on the Fallen Cosmos...

October 11th 2014 PDT

OK, so you know that we are throwing an experience based adventure show on Jan 31st 2015 akin to the All Worlds’ Fair, yes? This event is something you gift to someone else. You may NOT purchase tickets for yourself for this event. We will know. We have ways.   Giving any information about this event will on take away from the experience, so we have decided to give none. But this is not the problem you may think it is. It’s way more…   On the whole, what we need is less information ...Continue Reading

Chicken: The Fallen Cosmos Show

October 3rd 2014 PDT  *      I'm used to people telling me I'm crazy. Stupid. Wrong.  I'm used to people telling me "that won't work!" *and then I make it work.  Happens all the time.        I'm not used to thinking "Yeah, that might not work."  /*Which is not the same as "I might fail." * Sure, I might fail.  I get that.  It's true.  I w ...Continue Reading

heart to heart about fundraising, community and promotion PART THREE

June 2nd 2014 PDT

OK, first of all I have to send this out to show you. Any of you who were around last night (Sunday night) to see this when I sent it out will know that at the time of my sending with 3 hours to go, the “DCC Chained Coffin” module had 680 backers. In the last 3 hours they got 48 more backers. On a Sunday night. In spring. If that doesn’t show you that the whole “show” thing that happens in the last few hours isn’t relevant than I don’t know what will. W ...Continue Reading

heart to heart about fundraising, community and promotion PART TWO

June 1st 2014 PDT

OK. So I received hundreds of responces from my email: heart to heart about fundraising, community and promotion. People grateful and inquisitive and all that. But mostly people saying (of course), I knew that I just wasn't quite there. I'm writing another one with some more details. But I wanted to show you this: This is what it looks like when it's done right. 650 pledges. $35,000. $50 a pledge. They kept getting people to &qu ...Continue Reading

heart to heart about fundraising, community and promotion

May 7th 2014 PDT

It's time I just wrote this here and asked you all to share it with other people who may find this useful. First, I have to warn you that I am about to speak plainly, and I could sterotype certain peoples and some other peoples may be slightly insulted by what I am about to say. I'm going to type and hit send without editing. Promotion for events or fundraising for projects sucks. Sucks ass. Even when you acheive your goals or make your numbers and there is a bright side the promotion side sucks. This isn't an opinio ...Continue Reading

Chicken: The Writer Automaton

February 8th 2014 PDT

So many of you know that I'm a mechanic. There are a few mechanics on this list. They are laughing right now. They're just jealous of my aluminum floor jack. Well I wanna share something with you. My love of automatons is vast. Here is the oldest one. And it is simply the best. It works on a cam concept and it's just amazing. Because it's mechanical, but programmable. Which is slightly confusing. In a way, it's the thing that made the device that I'm typing on right now possible. The Writer Automaton is single hand-idl ...Continue Reading
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