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Chicken: Why Jane Kim is the smartest guy in the room

May 4th 2018 PDT

Why Jane Kim is the smartest guy in the room: PR is hard. Lots of people get it wrong. When you get PR right, it’s because you’re smart and effective. Wanna know how smart Jane is? READ THIS: OK, so the reporter is writing a hatchet job. This isn’t journalism, this is corruption. Wonder how much Ron Conway paid Rachel Swan to drag Jane through the muck? I’ll bet it was cheap. The story that would come out of questions like this would be junk. S ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Jim Mason to save the world from climate change... no, really!

April 24th 2018 PDT

Please consider the following: So some of you know that I made a car run and drive on coffee grinds as fuel. Some of you know that I claim to have made the car run/drive on grinds, but don’t believe me. I don’t blame you, it’s pretty fantastic. But in the same way I didn’t write any of my books, I also didn’t make my car run on bio-mass. Jim did. And it was about good time that guy finished something, but that’s another story… The point here is that he went ALL THE WAY. You should support peo ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Donald Trump in the D&D world...

February 10th 2018 PDT

My friend Jeremy Pollock (who’s stupid idea it was to run for mayor then when I did it all but disappeared!) grouped me into a Twitter conversation about Donald Trump in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. I took 10 minutes out of my buzy day to reply on Twitter, but then went home and expanded my thoughts and I’m sharing it here with you. Enjoy!   The conversation begins:   Yesterday at ‪#DND we discussed in length what character Donald Trump would be. Decided:   ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Voter Guide 2016

November 8th 2016 PDT

Chicken John Voter Guide 2016   BEFORE I SIGN OFF FROM THIS ELECTION:   I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that this is the presidential election when people saw how powerful “Show” is. Expect to see more of this in the future. For better and worse. Please please please.. adapt to new ways and don’t try to stand firm in old convictions. In the near and far future, Show is going to be the most important currency. In a post-capitalist society the arts will reign supreme. It is our ch ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Another new video for the Book of the Un

September 29th 2016 PDT

So the first books arrived today!!!!! Here is another fun video: 5years ago I wrote The Book of the Is – a how-to manual and philosophical cluster fuck for people who want to live their life as art.  To do that you have to embrace Chaos, understand that there are no consequences, and calibrate to failure as successes more interesting and attractive twin.    Now it’s time for the Book of the ...Continue Reading

Chicken: New video for the Book of the Un

September 27th 2016 PDT

Thousands of copies of the The Book of the Un are on a truck rumbling towards us from Canada. This book could easily change the world. It could also hold a door open in a moderate wind. You could do with a copy. You could go here, and buy one: You want to know what it's all about? This video will tell you exactly what the book is about. Kinda. Or you could Descend Into Madness with us on Saturday... ...Continue Reading

Chicken: I wrote another book

September 20th 2016 PDT

So I ummm, wrote a sequel to the the Book of the Is. It's called, predictably, The Book of the Un. You may have supported the Kickstarter for it a few months ago. I appreciate it. I'm having sort of a pre-book release party on Oct 1st at the 111 Minna Gallery in SF. There is a chapter in the book on the Fallen Cosmos, so we are re-imaging that show for this book release party. As a parade. Yes. A parade. You can hear all about this event and other events w ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Dolores Park now charging to reserve spots

May 24th 2016 PDT Well 25 people have sent this to me. I'll respond but I'll be brief: First of all, Park and Rec is the ENEMY. Whatever they do, they are doing it against YOU. or US. They want to take P&R off the public fare and privatize the entire thing. Phil Ginsburg is a sleezeball scumbag lying whore. That being said, when I railed about the privatization of our parks last time (puke-in ect...) what I found was that an alarming number of people (like 95%) either ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Farewell to Iceland

May 4th 2016 PDT

Farewell to Iceland   It’s really been a long time since I sat on a barstool and sipped a beer. So long, in fact, that it was a visceral memory trigger. I’ve never spent a lot of time on barstools. Too buzy. Had to drive. No money. The beer instantly transported me to a different time, when I had a different body, zero experience, one arm  and a bad haircut. Halfway through the beer I became exhausted. I haven’t really slept normally since “the Adderall incident”. I’ve been doing the "up f ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Iceland. Capitol city of the moon...

May 3rd 2016 PDT

Being this far up-globe the air is thinner. The water is a deeper, darker blue. Being this close to the moon has some interesting quirks. Everyone here is left handed. Their human disguises barley hide their Fey forms. Spritely slender fingers pruned by hot tubs push crackers of mashed fish past impossibly white teeth. Their long, wispy hair barely covers their pointy ears. Some trick of light. If you look at them in your peripheral, the fairy magic is easier to defeat. You’ll see a tail here, a wing there. ...Continue Reading
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