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CELL Space October 9th, 7PM*** Vote for Chicken Subpoena art show with special guest: Gavin Newsome!!!!

October 5th 2008 PDT

CELL Space October 9th, 7PM*** Vote for Chicken Subpoena art show with special guest: Gavin Newsome!!!! So if I said it once I've now said it a thousand times: Politics divide people, art brings people together. I never knew how true it was until I decided it would be interesting and funny if I ran for mayor of San Francisco, the City of Art and Innovation. I'd make a great mayor. Sure I would. About half the people unsubscribed from my list. By the end of the run, more people had signed up and stuff... but some ...Continue Reading

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June 27th 2008 PDT

An important part of a balanced breakfast on the Hudson River includes not only boats made of nonsense that run on garbage that might be detritus, but also a smartly manicured steam ship of antiquated design affixed with a market price surely to elevate it's status from bullshit to bourgeois. If you didn't already know, the Kinetics Steam Works Company of Oakland California is accompanying the rag-tag skally-wags that are the Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea. Your attendance to their Ball this Sunday to bear witne ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Memorial service for Felicity Perez

June 3rd 2008 PDT

Felicity Perez 1972-2008 An informal gathering for friends and family will be held at the Chez Poulet on Thursday night beginning at 6PM. 3359 Cesar Chavez @ Mission Felicity Perez, who left us May 28, 2008 at age 36, was loved by audiences of the Dream Circus, Cantankerous Lollies, Circus Redickuless, Exotic World, bindlestiff's family circus, Ward Hall's World of Wonders, and others too numerous to name... Her inquisitive nature never stopped learning new skills and techniques. She never said the word impossible, ...Continue Reading

Chicken: We are re-naming the wastewater plant the George W. Bush memorial sewage treatment plant, please help

May 13th 2008 PDT

The Presidential Memorial Commission is an ad hoc group of San Francisco citizens, entertainers and activists dedicated to naming important landmarks and places of interest after US presidents. This year we are submitting an ordinance initiative for the November city ballot to rename the Oceanside Water Pollution Control Plant the George W Bush Sewage Plant. We believe this is an enduring and fitting monument to a president whose accomplishments are unprecedented in modern American history. OK. So today you get to live ...Continue Reading
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