Chicken: Puke In this Saturday Dolores Park 2:00

From: "Chicken:" <>
Subject: Chicken: Puke In this Saturday Dolores Park 2:00
Date: April 19th 2011

Why I'm gonna puke on a trailer this Saturday in Dolores Park at 2:00 and why you should join me..

I'm gonna go puke on a trailer this weekend because no one knows that this weekend a commercial entity is going to open a store in Dolores Park and is doing it without anyone knowing. Just like last year, they are trying to sneak in like sneaky sneakers. After all the meetings, the 1,500 signatures we collected, the emails, the outrage and the vitriol we showed last year, it's the same slimy tactics all over again. The fact is that Dolores Park is surrounded on 3 sides by pavement which is designed to drive cars, trucks and trailers on. Why these people just don't put their store on the other side of the curb is beyond me. The Department of Parks and Recreation wants the revenue. Why? Because they just hired like 5 more $100,000 + a year staffers they have to pay... although that shouldn't be a problem, as they fired ALL the teachers and closed 80% of the clubhouses.

But I'm getting ahead of myself. Maybe you don't know that last year they tried to sneak some stores into the park. From the get-go they made it sound like a done deal. It was actually said that it was too late to stop it right from the start. We demanded a process. They set up a meeting, where the operations manager Phil Ginsburg talked for 33 minutes then left, not listening to anyone. We went to meetings. We went to the press. We collected signatures. We screamed and yelled and jumped up and down and we made it all a big issue and stalled and then the rains came.

And everything was quite.

The permits that RPD issued are still valid. So very quietly, very stealthy... they went about forming alliances to put more stores in the park. They were trying to be very quiet about it, but it didn't work. Because EVERYONE they tried to form an alliance with, said they didn't want a store in the park. So we told them that we would protest. Picket. We would sue. We would pour gasoline over our heads to make us martyrs for the cause. That we would not rest until.... until... Until what? Until people had an opportunity to be involved in a process that would determine weather this was a good idea or not. The people who wanted to open the stores got nervous. So they started talking to people. A lot of people. They ran to the press, and got Ken Garcia to endorse their plight. Kinda like getting Rush Limbaugh to vouch for you. Puts a chill in the air. Not that anyone reads the Examiner, anyway... but then they learned a new tactic: lying. So now they are saying that they have don e community outreach and everyone wants a store in the park. Huh. Really.

No one wants a store in the park. Put it on the curb. If RPD is going to solve it's budget crisis, they are going to do it but selling spaces in an already over-crowded park isn't going to be a drop in the ocean towards that goal. Not a drop in an ocean. The % that it could help (and I said 'could') is 7 or 8 places to the right of the zero. Or less then you spend on toilet tissue in any given decade, to give you an idea of how much money we are talking about.

But now there is lying. So what do we do now?

Now we get angry. Now we double our efforts. Now, I ask you to forward this email to your lists. Forward it to your friends. Forward it to your co-workers. We need people to sign this petition (if you agree, of course):

Do you like the idea of people puking on a trailer in Dolores Park this weekend? Even if you can't make it? You can like the idea of activism. Log into Facebook, and 'like' this page:

We are having a puke in. Pukin'. We are going to collectively lose our lunch on a trailer this weekend. I've hired a photographer to document it. To show other potential stores in the park what happens when you sell the park out. When you try to be an agent of Control. When you steamroll people.

We are being steamrolled again. Same like last year. They are telling us they did community outreach. That is a fucking lie, 99% of the neighbors of DP have no idea that this issue is still alive. At the Mission Merchants Association last night, not one merchant knew there was a store going into the park. Not one of them liked the idea, and not one of them hesitated for a second at the prospect of puking on a store in the park on Saturday at 2:00.

How about you? Do you care if our beloved park gets trashed and has lines of people and stinky smelly generators with mountains of garbage and reduced space because of a food court with 15 food trucks driving on the grass twice a day so that RPD can hire another $200,000 consultant that's probably related to the director? They wanna turn our park into a profit center. Their words: "profit center". Isn't that what you think of when you go to Dolores Park; "Wow, this place is a profit center!".

Fact is Dolores Park is a collaborative artwork, not a profit center. And once they get a revenue stream going, there is never any stopping them. We have to stop this NOW, there will not be a later. We have to pull out all the stops. We have to fight dirty, get mean and we have to puke on a trailer this weekend. We have to fill Dolores Park with vomit, and watch the trailer float away gone forever...

Please forward this on. Please sign our petition. Please like our puke page. Please come to Dolores Park Saturday at 2:00 and puke on something to show that you don't want a food court in Dolores Park. Because you don't. Nor do we want RPD to have more money, they are mis-managing the money they have. Maybe John Avalos will be our new mayor, maybe he can makes sense out of this. But none of us will be voting for Bevin Dufty and none of us will be voting for Scott Weiner next election. Someone could win the mayorship on issues like this. There are over 50 neighborhood groups in alliance AGAINST RPD. That's astonishing. All someone would have to do was to organize them, that voting block would be huge...

I'm felling kinda nauseous....

chicken john

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