Chicken: Dolores Park now charging to reserve spots

From: "Chicken:" <>
Subject: Chicken: Dolores Park now charging to reserve spots
Date: May 24th 2016

Well 25 people have sent this to me. I'll respond but I'll be brief:

First of all, Park and Rec is the ENEMY. Whatever they do, they are doing it against YOU. or US. They want to take P&R off the public fare and privatize the entire thing. Phil Ginsburg is a sleezeball scumbag lying whore. That being said, when I railed about the privatization of our parks last time (puke-in ect...) what I found was that an alarming number of people (like 95%) either didn't care either way or were FOR privatizing the parks. So sure, I make it seem and sound like there is an army behind me. I'm good at that. But it's usually only me. Just one little guy creating a fiction. The puke-in thing I did ALONE. I won. I stopped the food trucks. But at what price, you ask? It was constant work. With 3 dozen fake profiles I was posting on SF Gate making it sound like there was an army people outraged because you people couldn't be bothered. I didn't work during that time. It was crippling financially. I lost some friends, some allies. i had to push really really hard. I got 71 blogs to write about the puke-in. I got the people (La Couchina) terrified to lose their brand.

At the end of the day, it's not how our democracy is supposed to work. We are supposed to have a functional Park and Rec department that doesn't do things that make it hard for people to sit in a park. So sure, we can stop this from happening at Dolores Park. Sure. We can stop it. Or actually, YOU can stop it. It's my turn to not care. If you want to have a conversation about replacing the management at Park and Rec (which means we have to recall the mayor), I'm all ears. You want to support new management, I'll help you. You want to write legislation about how Park and Rec can't privatize shit anymore I'll fundraise $20K for you. But if you want to have shitty leadership and you wanna block every decision they make you are an ineffective political activist. And you will burn out and you will have small victories and giant losses. I hate that public space is used for business. I hate that. I hate that parks are monetized. But having a few (less than 10%) of the space for rese rvations could actually be a good thing. But I can't stop thinking that of course it could be 20% then 50% in the near future and that brings us back to trust in leadership, of which I have 0%.

So there you go. Parks are collaborative artworks. And collaborative artworks are messy. Politics is dirty business.


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