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Spotlight: The Gong Show

October 19th 2020 PDT

[1]The Gong Show This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is 3449660858_331514aa01_k-765x970.jpg All of our work in the game show field came to a stunning pinnacle with our version of the Gong Show. 18 acts competed for a grand prize: Two Burning Man tickets and the BM Kit: a handful of drugs, sunblock, a pair of shitty bongos and two gallons of water. The show had it all: Danger! Comedy! Abandon! And our very own Popsicle Twins, the act that got the Gong Show cancelled from NBC ...Continue Reading

Chicken:Voter Guide!

October 15th 2020 PDT

--------------------------------------------------------------------- [1]Subscribe to stay on this list - now over at Mailchimp! Tick-tock... So it's time to vote. For propositions, for ideas, for law enforcements, taxes and representatives. There are so many things on the ballot this time that are just slam-dunk Yes or No's, it's not worth burning calories talking about them. I'm pretty much in line with the Leauge of Pissed Off Voters this year, so we are just going to use their guide. Pro ...Continue Reading

The Amazing Jarico Reese

October 12th 2020 PDT

Make the Switch! [1]This list will be going out via Mailchimp only... Sign up here! [2]The Amazing Jarico Reese I met Justin at an open mike night at the Nova Express in Los Angeles in 1994. He was 19. He lived in a one-room apartment with his mom. He told me, woozy drunk swaying back and forth, that he worked in a parking lot. That he spent his days drinking coffee and making sure that every car in the parking lot had a yellow sticker on the windshield, and that if someone parked th ...Continue Reading

Chicken: The Wizard of Ass

October 5th 2020 PDT

[1]Please migrate with us to Mailchimp now, to continue receiving this list! This is the first of 52 "Spotlights" I'm gonna do. Little snippets of stuff we all did together as a way to introduce you to the archive I keep. I hope you enjoy it, they live on, also there is tons of stuff on [2]my Flickr and [3] with more coming all the time... [4]WIZARD OF ASS -------------------------------------------------------------------- ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Artists in Presidents

September 23rd 2020 PDT

[1]Alert! This list is moving - come with us! [2]We're upgrading to Mailchimp to include more photos, videos and more. Sign up now so I can stop badgering you. Click Through Here! My friend Connie is a cool bean. She is one of the original Floating Neutrinos. They crossed the OCEAN on this piece of shit with no motor, just used the tides: [IMAGE] She was on the boat trip Swoon and I did in the Adriatic, the captain of the boat on the left[IMAGE] build your own boat, make a mess, ...Continue Reading

Chicken: What happens when a 35-year experience designer goes to Disney?

September 18th 2020 PDT

What happens when a 35-year experience designer goes to Disney? --------------------------------------------------------------- I was born in New Jersey. In a little town outside of Newark called Hillside. Population who cares. 20 minutes to NYC at 3:00 AM. Two hours at 9:00 AM. But my biological father had his third heart attack or something and the genius doctor gave my dad a prescription: Florida. “Move to Florida, you’ll be right as rain. It’s the cold weather that’s ailing you.” What was ai ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Jackie Fielder for state senate

July 29th 2020 PDT

So there is an election in 95 days. There is a guy running for president in that election. I want him to lose. His name is Scott Weiner. I detest him. He makes me mad. You detest him as well. He is a state senator now. There is a person running against him. She can’t win. Pelosi is going to retire in 2022. Weiner will win her seat. He will then run for Govenor. Then for president. Maybe. Who knows. But she can’t win. Right? Every story is a story of a person of power who underestimated their opp ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Why hello there... election day recap...

March 2nd 2020 PDT

It's been so long since I posted anything here... it's weird. But Marc Powell wanted me to send a link to the Pissed Off Voters Guide. I don't know if you need it, but here it is: [1] There is lots of good info there. I"m all in for Bernie, of course. I don't vote on DCCC races because I kinda detest that cabal. But you do you. Life is good. Busy. We had another kiddo, I'd show you a photo but I can't figure out how to attach it! Sorry! AND NOW> ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Cool idea for VD from Sean Hayes

January 29th 2019 PDT

Hey there, our very own Sean Hayes has a neat trick for Valentines Day this year: for $100, he will record you a song! Straight up. Just send an email to: [1] And give some info and if that isn't the coolest VD thing ever then cool is just a construct born of vanity and fear. But that's another story. Also read this article, it will blow your mind: [2] [1] ...Continue Reading

Chicken: This Saturday you can change history (maybe, a little)

January 11th 2019 PDT

Lets get progressives running the Democratic Party (or at least a few of them)... Dear Friends and fellow Democrats, This upcoming Saturday, progressive Democrats have an opportunity to help transform the Democratic Party and fight for important policies like Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, Rent Control, and deeply affordable housing for all Californians. Please join me this Saturday, January 12th, from 10:00am-1:00pm at the Women's Building (3543 18th Street) and help vote for the Refo ...Continue Reading
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