Chicken: Tomorrow 4:45am Pajama Party!!

From: "Chicken:" <>
Date: November 30th 2020

Hello everyone -

We have an opportunity to get donations matched 100% - at 4:45am this Giving Tuesday (in the morning!)

2021 promises to be another year of great change, and hopefully time for us to organize and pull off great events, performances and new art. We're investing a ton of time and effort into it - and we need your help.

TLDR: Set your alarm to meet us at 4:45 in the Zoom (link here - optional!) if you want to push the button with us and see what happens. Chicken will sing some wakeup songs.
Here's some other info if that link doesn't work for you: Meeting ID: 894 535 0877 Passcode: 3XMrQX

Click Here for: the Very Important link to give- ideally right at 5 am for the match, but you can give all day.
You'll want to make sure you are logged into Facebook, and have your cc info entered and selected, before 4:59!

Here, you can find a page-by-page guide to follow, so you can see what we are talking about, for the 5 am match.

We've opened up General Admission Camp Tipsy 2021 tickets for a one-day reward, for your $150 donation! You can also add on a Gift Package for $40 if you plan to bestow it as an "experience" gift to a loved one. Just donate through the link above on Giving Tuesday and we will email you to fulfill the details, later in the week!

If you're not able to give (at any amount) this year, you can contribute by doing a quick email forward, post or share of the fundraising link ( Maybe share a great Camp Tipsy photo or another SFIOP memory! It's a huge help, seen and appreciated. 

Our 2020 Fundraising Goal to re-launch the SFIOP is $20,000 - Thanks to our First 100 business sponsors, and some great donors we are already up to $3k. If we can get a double match to our entire Giving Tuesday goal of $8,500 - we can wrap fundraising for the rest of the year! It's a long shot but we're gonna try. 

Hope you've been enjoying our Weekly Spotlights! And thanks in advance, to all of you who pitch in every year, in so many different ways. -- Chicken & Alita

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