Chicken: Artists in Presidents

From: "Chicken:" <>
Subject: Chicken: Artists in Presidents
Date: September 23rd 2020

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My friend Connie is a cool bean. She is one of the original Floating Neutrinos. They crossed the OCEAN on this piece of shit with no motor, just used the tides:

She was on the boat trip Swoon and I did in the Adriatic, the captain of the boat on the left

build your own boat, make a mess, see what happens...

Well she is doing stuff. Lots of stuff. We need people to do lots of stuff right now. Let's peek into her world and support her kickstarter, but really check out the NYTimes article on "The Wide Awakes." Fascinating read. True activism that we should all be jumping up and down about. I'm 100% on board.

-- chicken

This from Constance:

Chicken John!!

Shit sucks in government and politics. How are you holding up?

I just want you to know about this project I am working on: I invited 50+ artists to address the nation alongside the presidential campaign.

Check out all the artists that are involved and listen to the welcome episode:

Also I am trying to get this kickstarter funded if you can contribute that would be great!  BUT more importantly, if you could send this along to others it would help me pay artists and build the audience!!!!

Kickstarter link:

Lastly, we are trying to organize boat rally events to motivate people to vote. Its a part of this movement, called the Wide Awakes.


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