Chicken: Jackie Fielder for state senate

From: "Chicken:" <>
Subject: Chicken: Jackie Fielder for state senate
Date: July 29th 2020
So there is an election in 95 days. There is a guy running for president in that election. I want him to lose. His name is Scott Weiner. I detest him. He makes me mad. You detest him as well. He is a state senator now. There is a person running against him. She can’t win. Pelosi is going to retire in 2022. Weiner will win her seat. He will then run for Govenor. Then for president. Maybe. Who knows. But she can’t win. Right? Every story is a story of a person of power who underestimated their opponent. Jackie Fielder is a 25 year old indigenous queer Latina activist. She’s too good to be true. She’s got all the endorsements. She’s a perfect opponent for Scott. Because she can win. Because she can’t win. Scott goes negative and loses. He ignores her he loses. He engages and debates her he loses. But she can’t win! Tell that shit to AOC. You should give her a donation, and encourage her. Get to know her. She’s cool. And she’s running against a fucking Bond villain stroking a white cat in his lap. Here she is: I’m an Indigenous (Two Kettle Lakota and Hidatsa), Latina, and queer educator and organizer. I was raised in Southern California by a single, working class mother in an underserved neighborhood characterized by fossil fuel extraction, refinement, and economic segregation. I worked hard, attended public schools, and earned a place at Stanford University. After graduating with both a BA in Public Policy and a MA in Sociology, I joined the fight of my Indigenous relatives and our allies against the Dakota Access Pipeline and organized internationally for fossil fuel divestment and Indigenous Rights. That battle led me back to San Francisco with a vision to take on the banking industry. I wanted to put our $11 billion of city tax dollars to work for the community, rather than the huge corporations contributing to climate change, weapons manufacturing, and private prisons. As co-founder and lead organizer of the San Francisco Public Bank Coalition, we took on Wall Street lobbyists, passed statewide legislation, and worked on a local ordinance with majority support to build the foundation for the first municipal bank in the country. We are still advocating for legislation to start a state bank with the California Public Banking Alliance. I’m running for State Senate because we have a mandate to be bolder. The Coronavirus pandemic has both sharpened focus on the inequalities of our society and demanded transformative solutions. We can’t afford to go back to the status quo, and taking on the next global crisis requires learning our lessons now. I’m not afraid of a challenge, and I have a record of fighting for people and winning, even against the odds. 2020 needs to be the year we take on the crises facing our state, our country, and our planet. Platform • Austerity on billionaires, not working people, public schools, and the unemployed • Statewide single-payer healthcare • Free quality childcare and public education from preschool through college • Keep public funds in public schools rather than diverting resources to exclusionary charter schools • $20 an hour minimum wage, expand worker protections, and promote unionization • Cancel Rent & Mortgages, real relief for renters and small homeowners • Green New Deal for California (dismantle fossil fuel infrastructure, return land to Indigenous stewardship) • $100 Billion California Housing Emergency Fund • Homes for All (social housing, expand rent control and tenant protections) • Redirect police and corrections funding to community and social services • Decriminalize homelessness and provide permanent housing and supportive services • End gang injunctions, mandatory minimums, cash bail, and predictive policing • Universal right to counsel for anyone facing eviction • Expand public banks to promote economic empowerment for Black, Indigenous, and other communities of color • An Inclusive Value Ledger to compensate traditionally un- and under-paid labor Organizational Endorsements Our Revolution Run For Something Progressive Democrats of America CA Progressive Alliance Democratic Socialists of America: San Francisco Democratic Socialists of America [National] United Educators of San Francisco California Teachers Association AFT 2121 California Faculty Association (Dual) ILWU NorCal District Council (Dual) San Francisco Rising Action Fund San Francisco Tenants Union Latino Democratic Club Rose Pak Democratic Club San Francisco Young Democrats Harvey Milk LGBTQ Democratic Club many more Individual Endorsements Black Lives Matter co-founders Alicia Garza & Patrisse Cullors Mark Ruffalo Matt McGorry Kendrick Sampson Jimmie Fails and Joe Talbot (Last Black Man of San Francisco) Tribal Attorney and former Bernie Sanders Advisor Tara Houska Sacred Stone Camp Founder Ladonna Brave Bull Allard Chase Iron Eyes New York State Senator Julia Salazar NYC DSA Candidates Phara Souffrant Forrest, Zohran Kwame Mamdani, and Jabari Brisport North Dakota Rep. Ruth Buffalo South Dakota Rep. Kevin Killer San Francisco Supervisors Gordon Mar, Dean Preston (endorsed by Bernie), Matt Haney, Hillary Ronen San Francisco DCCC Chair David Campos San Francisco Board of Education commissioners Gabriela Lopez, Faauuga Moliga, Mark Sanchez, Alison Collins City College of San Francisco Trustees Brigitte Davila & Shanell Williams former San Francisco Mayor Art Agnos Former Assemblymember Tom Ammiano Jackie Fielder Candidate, State Senate District 11
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