Chicken: Jim Mason to save the world from climate change... no, really!

From: "Chicken:" <>
Subject: Chicken: Jim Mason to save the world from climate change... no, really!
Date: April 24th 2018

Please consider the following:

So some of you know that I made a car run and drive on coffee grinds as fuel. Some of you know that I claim to have made the car run/drive on grinds, but don’t believe me. I don’t blame you, it’s pretty fantastic. But in the same way I didn’t write any of my books, I also didn’t make my car run on bio-mass. Jim did. And it was about good time that guy finished something, but that’s another story…

The point here is that he went ALL THE WAY. You should support people who go all the way, people who go all in. His idea here is totally crazy.

It’’s. Just. Crazy.

Crazy that we haven’t been doing this since time immemorial. You see, this is an agricultural innovation with a twist, because he has done what no other person has ever done: collaboration in storytelling between plants and humans. I know, I know… you don’t see that right now. But turning agriculture into storytelling to combat climate change and embrace correct thinking in regards to our lifestyle is nothing short of triumphant.

Please, give Jim Mason a few moments of your time and buy a bag of his magic beans… chicken

Hi folks.

Here's my new scheme to put a meaningful dent in the climate change problem. Maybe you can take a look.

This is a new project we're launching at All Power Labs called the "Local Carbon Network". The project uses the energy and agricultural machines we've been developing for the last decade, combined with hands in soil at local gardens and farms, to move carbon from "sky-to-soil" for Community Based Carbon Sequestration.

The project is an unusual collaboration and cooperation between plants, people and machines. The plants are green-waste, which has already captured atmospheric carbon via photosynthesis, but is now a disposal problem. The machines take this "waste" and make energy and carbon biochar for soil out of it. And the people put it in the ground for improved plant growth and long term sequestration of carbon. Taken together, good things happen locally across Energy, Food and Water systems, and globally for climate by "re-fossilizing" sky carbon back underground.

We're running this Community Supported Carbon Sequestration on the model of the Community Supported Agriculture boxes you get weekly or monthly via membership. Now, the membership is for ongoing local carbon drawdown, with a physical product delivered that does magical things for your garden, house plants, or gigantic Oakland warehouse pot farm (not that any of those exist).

The goal is to create a replicable model based on the common understandings and methods of Local Food and Farmers' Market networks. We're creating the first "proof of concept" and template for it here in the East Bay. Then we expect the model to spread with low friction as a layover to Local Food and Local Market economies elsewhere in the US and globally.

Today we launched a crowd-fund campaign to make this first Local Carbon Cluster a reality here in the East Bay. I hope you will take a look at this and consider supporting it. Also, forwards to others who are interested in people, plants and machine type things will also be greatly appreciated.

Yes, we have solutions to "re-fossilize" consequential amounts of carbon out of the sky and back into the ground. Let's set this trim tab against the fossil flow.

Campaign here:

Sincerely, Jim Mason, All Power Labs, April 24th 2018

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