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Chicken: We moved!!

December 12th 2020 PDT

If you didn't receive yesterday's new Spotlight - Or you want to opt in and make sure you keep receiving this list -Click Here!   ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Tomorrow 4:45am Pajama Party!!

November 30th 2020 PDT

Hello everyone -We have an opportunity to get donations matched 100% - at 4:45am this Giving Tuesday (in the morning!)2021 promises to be another year of great change, and hopefully time for us to organize and pull off great events, performances and new art. We're investing a ton of time and effort into it - and we need your help.TLDR: Set your alarm to meet us at 4:45 in the Zoom (link here - optional!) if you want to push the button with us and see what happens. Chicken will sing some wakeup songs.Here's som ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Spotlight on Bawdy Storytelling

November 17th 2020 PDT

So… I used to walk on a guy for money. Prostitution? Maybe. Pedophilia? Nah. He had no clue I was only 16! Click Here to See the Video!  It’s a New York Story, one of many… Enjoy!!! That video was taken in 2011, at a thing called Bawdy Storytelling. For 20 years Dixie De La Tour, Sexual Folklorist, has been relentlessly doing this show. From the humblest of beginnings in the Cataclismic Meagasheer Ranch warehouse, to some of the best theaters in the country, to a popular podcast reaching the fou ...Continue Reading

Chicken: This Email List is Going to Mailchimp on Dec. 1!

November 16th 2020 PDT

So here’s the deal: I’ve been using Dada mail since like 1996. It’s my first website. It’s run by a guy in Colorado named Justin and he’s a bicycle enthousist and he is sweet as pumpkin pie. He’s the little guy. I have been loyal to him. He has been great. But I want to embed video into my emails to this list. So we are switching to Mailchimp. Yes, it’s totally corporate and you can’t call them (you have to talk to robots on text). Yes, it’s designed for sales/marketing grossness. Yes, it’s kinda breaking my h ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Boomerang

November 11th 2020 PDT

BoomerangWe were a circus. At times there were 30 people in the troupe. But that was at the beginning of the year, when we were moving towards the East Coast. Now after three weeks in NYC, August is here. We left in May. We are heading back across. There are eight of us. We don’t have enough show. So. We made a puppet show out of things we found in a dumpster. Later, we made a video of it. With inferior puppeteers, but whatever. That video is here.  And yes, you *can* subscribe to my Youtub ...Continue Reading

Chicken: BottleRockets

November 2nd 2020 PDT

I made $29.43 a second doing fundraising, once. For three minutes, 40 seconds, I sang Come Sail Away, by Styx. Karaoke style. In a sailor suit. To raise money for junkboats to Europe. People paid me because, if you didn’t already know, I have a beautiful singing voice! OK, that’s not true. They paid $10 each for bottlerockets that they shot at me while I sang the stupid song. Some people paid over PayPal, because they couldn’t be there at the show. We promised to write their names on the rockets. Halfway ...Continue Reading


October 26th 2020 PDT

DID YOU KNOW I WAS IN A NEW WAVE BAND THAT PLAYED PUNK ROCK CALLED SISSY? Well, I have put the songs on Bandcamp for you to enjoy for free (or purchase, if you are so inclined). I wrote a little thing here to give you some context:It was the 80’s. There was a lot of cocaine, sure. There was a lot of hairspray. Yes. Chuck had played in like hundreds of bands as a hired gun. He was way better than 100% of the other people he played with. He thought that would matter. But he wanted to play. And his definition of ...Continue Reading

Spotlight: The Gong Show

October 19th 2020 PDT

The Gong ShowAll of our work in the game show field came to a stunning pinnacle with our version of the Gong Show. 18 acts competed for a grand prize: Two Burning Man tickets and the BM Kit: a handful of drugs, sunblock, a pair of shitty bongos and two gallons of water. The show had it all: Danger! Comedy! Abandon! And our very own Popsicle Twins, the act that got the Gong Show cancelled from NBC in 1978. Mark Pauline of Survival Research Laboratories built a giant pneumatic gong for the show, and acted as one of t ...Continue Reading

Chicken:Voter Guide!

October 15th 2020 PDT

Subscribe to stay on this list - now over at Mailchimp! Tick-tock...So it's time to vote. For propositions, for ideas, for law enforcements, taxes and representatives. There are so many things on the ballot this time that are just slam-dunk Yes or No's, it's not worth burning calories talking about them. I'm pretty much in line with the Leauge of Pissed Off Voters this year, so we are just going to use their guide. Prop H and Prop RR, I am going to vote differently than our friends at the Pissed Off, but it wo ...Continue Reading

The Amazing Jarico Reese

October 12th 2020 PDT

 Make the Switch!This list will be going out via Mailchimp only... Sign up here! The Amazing Jarico ReeseI met Justin at an open mike night at the Nova Express in Los Angeles in 1994. He was 19. He lived in a one-room apartment with his mom. He told me, woozy drunk swaying back and forth, that he worked in a parking lot. That he spent his days drinking coffee and making sure that every car in the parking lot had a yellow sticker on the windshield, and that if someone parked there without the sticker he was sup ...Continue Reading
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