Challege Kareokie TONIGHT at the Chez Poulet!!!!!

From: "Chicken:" <>
Subject: Challege Kareokie TONIGHT at the Chez Poulet!!!!!
Date: August 19th 2011

From DJ John Hell:

Radio Valencia just had its first birthday, this month. We've been on the internet for 12 Months, and (mysteriously) some fan has also been transmitting our signal at 87.9FM in the greater San Francisco area for most of that time.

As we get more and better shows, and get more and more ambitious, we need better more durable equipment. So we are fundraising to help us build out our studio and get the best sounding station possible. And of course we are trying to raise the cash while having and inspiring as much fun as we can.

To this end the perverted genius of Chicken John is at it again. He is to amateur singing what Jim Jones was to snack time beverages. The man who brought you Porn-e-oke (if you don't know, don't ask), now unleashes "Challenge Karaoke" on a too innocent world that hopefully has a few bucks to burn and some free time this Friday night (that's tomorrow) here in San Francisco.

Part of the genius of this thing is that you can lend your poor singing talents to the cause of raising money for the station. Got a really awful Kenny Rogers imitation? Come on down and be so bad at singing "Coward of the County" that someone in the audience is willing to pay up for you to get off the stage. That's it in a certifiable nutshell. Please come out and support the station on Friday!

Read all the details below, direct from the Chicken's mouth...

Challenge Karaoke, Radio Valencia fundraiser

Friday Night, August 19th $10 9:00 PM
Chez Poulet 3359 Cesar Chavez @ Mission

Karaoke. You've seen it. You've done it. You'll do it again. But did you ever wish you could just shut the person singing up? Welcome to Challenge Karaoke. Where you can! Here's how it works: You pay a few bucks (which is going to a very very good cause) to sing a song, that amount of money is noted. You sing. Anyone in the room can match the money you paid to stop you. Then, you or anyone else can cough up the same amount and you start singing again. Someone can that amount or pay mor to stop you. Then you or anyone else can pay whatever the people paid to stop you so you can resume singing. It's madness!!!!

Radio Valencia has been crankin' out great shows, you should listen here:

We have a Android app and are in Beta for an Iphone app! We did a fundraiser for a mixing board in April but decided to wait and accrue more $$ and buy a better board then the one we thought was good for us. It's all super expensive stuff….

So it's Kareokie to the rescue!!!!!

Come and throw some money around. Challenge some people! Sing as poorly as you can to encourage other people to throw more money around!!!!

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