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Subject: Chicken: Puke In postpones until April 30th...
Date: April 22nd 2011

Many, many people have voiced complaints that the Puke In that was scheduled this Saturday was oddly timed. So I've decided to re-schedule it for the following week. You see, Earth Day is very important to people here in San Fransandiego and people were downright offended by the timing.

Besides, the La Couchina trailer wont' be there this weekend. They boxxed out when they found out about the Puke In.

So we've got another week to talk about this important issue! Terrific!!!

There is a person in my life who I respect more than most when it comes to thinking about activism. This person has gone to jail 100 times for what she believes in. She married Rev. Billy, and directs the Stop Shopping choir. Her name is Savitri D, and she helps me think from time to time. Politics can be tricky, as well you know. So we chat. She tells me stories of NYC. I tell her about how it's going here in SF. We are both staunch opponents of privatization. She sent me a good mail, I'm gonna share it with you....

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thats not too bad! keep your chin up.

remember to talk about
- affluent parks get privatized poorer parks get criminalized, this hurts the fabric of our cities by amplifying and accelerating gentrification .. then down the road there is an endrun on the poorer areas are called blighted destroyed and are therefore sold off easily for development in land grabs and deals that are almost always corrupt
-youth of color are particularly affected by this cycle with public parks, they are hustled out of home parks that are criminalized and then made not welcome by commercial interests in richer parks, they have nowhere in public to be and suffer harrasment, arrest, discretionary enforcement on all kinds of fronts.... ( see more on this below)
- commerce in parks has a chilling effect on first amendment right, thats a verifiable fact, the interest of a business is almost never the same as the interest of a citizenry in a park, human noise levels, the discomfort of actual democratic gathering, public assembly these are things that drive business owners crazy why? because they are unpredictable and what business people like is the chilling occurs, Interestingly it goes two ways, business owners ask police to help them keep the peace but citizens often police themelves or edit themselves wihtout even knowing it--so accustomed are we to behaving ourselves in retail space that people oftne do this on their own WITHOUT anyone asking them to. Also many studies show that people without money are intimidated by scenarios in which they seemingly cannot participate ( gutter punks notwithstanding) --- another reason why our public spaces should not be commodified. we gain a tremendous amount by b eing in space with people who are not like us
- the fact that la cocina is immigrant women is great, it shows that you are serious about the   principal of the matter, and that its not just a matter of taste, or some emotional connection or some brand/issue identity etc. The issue is the same if its mcdonalds or immigrant women in training

i wish i had more time to help you i can't tell you how important this issue is! keep it up!

On 4/21/11 12:31 AM, JohnRinaldi wrote:
I''m getting eaten alive over here...

She also once sent me this link:

It is by and away the most offensive thing I have ever seen. They want to build the worlds largest building in Miami. On a man made island. Called:


Miami is a disaster. There are entire sections of town abandoned. And they wanna create new land? It's crazy. REally crazy. Watch the infomercial. See how long you can stand it... Building a private island in the middle of the intracoastal waterway is a baffling proposal. It would not be part of Miami. Police wouldn't have juristicition. You would be on a giant private estate. That would be like... well.... I dont' know what it woudl be like. But this is the state of the world today. We will just build islands instead of re-buiding our ghettos. There are 5 million people homeless in Haiti, which is as far away from Miami as SF is from LA. It really makes things more complicated when you think about it like that...


What about this:

Apple gives 4 million to redo a subway station in Chicago. And keeps the sole rights to advertise in the station. Is this a good idea? What if we start counting on this revenue, and we find out that advertising doesn't actually work (when people have no money)?

What about this?

Wednesday, April 13, 2011
Contact: Mayor’s Office of Communications, 415-554-6131


Brown, Newsom, and Chiang Call Project a Model for Redevelopment

San Francisco, CA— Mayor Edwin M. Lee today applauded Governor Jerry Brown and his Department of Finance, Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom and State Controller John Chiang for their support and recognition of the Hunters Point Shipyard Candlestick Point Project as a model for redevelopment by local communities. The Governor’s Office announced its support for the Project at the California State Lands Commission meeting last Wednesday. The Commission, headed by Lieutenant Governor Newsom, unanimously approved a Public Trust Exchange Agreement and State Parks Agreement for the Project, which will facilitate the implementation of the more than 700-acre redevelopment Project in the southeast part of San Francisco.

“It’s especially heartening that the Governor through his Department of Finance,  has shown his support for this public-private partnership, which will revitalize southeastern San Francisco and create thousands of units of affordable housing, hundreds of acres of parks and open space and millions of square feet of desperately needed job-generating retail space,” said Mayor Lee. “This clearly affirms all of the hard work and efforts by the City, its redevelopment agency and the Bayview Hunters Point community. This should put to rest any concerns about the use of tax increment and the tool of redevelopment funding for this Project.”

“Supervisors and mayors have come and gone, but what has remained constant over the 30-year struggle for this project is the tremendous community leadership whose hope and tenacity have taken this project one step closer to completion,’’ said Lieutenant Governor Newsom. “I am particularly grateful to Governor Brown for the strong support of this project even as the state seeks to end redevelopment programs. The Governor’s unwavering commitment to see good projects like this through to completion is a tremendous boost for the Bayview Hunters Point community.”

“I just want to thank everyone who came here from San Francisco, the long drive to tell us about what is I guess close to the consummation of this wonderful, wonderful project,” said Cindy Aronberg, Deputy State Controller for the Environment and Housing for State Controller John Chiang, at the hearing. “We’re going to be happy to support it.”

“As you know, our newest Governor has decided or has a proposal out to eliminate redevelopment agencies,” said Karen Finn, Project Budget Manager in Governor Brown’s Department of Finance, who testified at the State Lands Commission hearing. “But I think you’ve also heard [Governor Brown] say that his intention was never to undo or disrupt any significant projects that were under contract, under way.  So, I’m here also to add our support of the project and acknowledge that this is exactly what the redevelopment has been used for and is a good Project.  We’re adding our support.”

These agreements will provide for the reconfiguration of public trust lands so that the entire waterfront shoreline of parks, public access trails and open space habitat areas at the Shipyard and Candlestick Point will be subject to the public trust.   Additionally, these agreements provide for $50 million in consideration to the California Department of Parks and Recreation for park improvements and ongoing operations and maintenance of the Candlestick Point State Recreation Area, the State’s only urban State Park, as well as land for enhanced shoreline access. These agreements, and the Project as a whole, will provide for the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars in public infrastructure, open space and affordable housing at no cost to the State or City’s general fund. These agreements are awaiting execution by Governor Brown.

“We have confidence that the Governor will quickly sign these important agreements so the City, its redevelopment agency, and the community can move forward with implementing this important Project,” said Mayor Lee.

Last summer, the Hunters Point Shipyard Candlestick Point Project was approved by the Board of Supervisors, six other City Boards and Commissions and the two community advisory groups with jurisdiction over the site (the Hunters Point Shipyard Citizens Advisory Committee and Bayview Hunters Point Project Area Committee).  The Project will create 10,500 units of housing, 32% of which will be       offered at below-market rates at a range of income levels, including the complete rebuild of the Alice Griffith Public Housing site, more than 300 acres of new or improved public parks and open space, millions of square feet of retail and research and development space with a focus on green technologies, invest more than $1 billion in public infrastructure and transportation improvements and includes an additional $83 million in other programmatic community benefits.   The first phase of the Shipyard’s redevelopment is alread y underway which will ultimately include up to 1,600 homes, 27% to 40% of which will be affordable, and 26 acres of parks and open space.  Construction of the first homes is expected to commence this year.


This from Kristine Enea:     the doublespeak is so disgusting. "reconfiguration" and "enhanced shoreline access." no mention of the sale of 23 acres of currently public land, nor that the non-State parks won't be RecPark, they'll be privately owned by the homeowners' associations, and publicly accessible - until the first lawsuit, after which they'll close off access to anyone who doesn't live there.


Huh? Did she just say that 23 acres of parkland just got sold to Lennar, the developer? Really? We are selling parkland to bridge budget gaps? Isn't that like buying cocaine with the rent money? Oh, that's OK... we can just live in our car, right?

Here is an article about the puke in:

What makes it exceptional is the person writing it is reallly smart. I've met him, he's smart as a whip. But yet, he chose to write this... even though he knows it's a joke. Why? How come the collective intelligence plummets so much?

Well, speaking of plummeting intelligence, check out the comment section here on the SF Gate:

Whoa boy.... Uptown Almanac isn't much better:

Don't forget to sign the petition:(which has been ommitted by EVERY newspaper artcile and blog)

And don't forget to 'like' the puke page:


See you all next week, April 30th at 2:00 in Dolores Park. We will puke. We will persevere. We will win!!!!


barfingly,   chicken




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