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Chicken: Farewell to Iceland

May 4th 2016

Farewell to Iceland   It’s really been a long time since I sat on a barstool and sipped a beer. So long, in fact, that it was a visceral memory trigger. I’ve never spent a lot of time on barstools. Too buzy. Had to drive. No money. The beer instantly transported me to a different time, when I had a different body, zero experience, one arm  and a bad haircut. Halfway through the beer I became exhausted. I haven’t really slept normally since “the Adderall incident”. I’ve been doing the "up f ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Iceland. Capitol city of the moon...

May 3rd 2016

Being this far up-globe the air is thinner. The water is a deeper, darker blue. Being this close to the moon has some interesting quirks. Everyone here is left handed. Their human disguises barley hide their Fey forms. Spritely slender fingers pruned by hot tubs push crackers of mashed fish past impossibly white teeth. Their long, wispy hair barely covers their pointy ears. Some trick of light. If you look at them in your peripheral, the fairy magic is easier to defeat. You’ll see a tail here, a wing there. ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Metrics of the Book of the Is

May 1st 2016

For some strange reason, every time I tried to post THIS VIDEO:      It would link to Joshua Markers Facebook page. Werid. The video is a short introduction to the Book of the Is. It's quite good. There are less than 100 of them left now... A few people have asked me how the Book of the Is did, sales-wise. So since we are now in full blown (and 50% funded!) Kickstarter mode for the Book of the Un, here is a quic ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Amsterdam musings...

April 30th 2016

Amsterdam. What a wonderful place. If I had to design a city, I’d do canals with little boats. I love little boats. Of course, if I did it I would use “boats”. It’s so civilized. Walking over the little bridges spun on Adderall, such a great feeling to be lost in the world…   And such an American… I snapped a few photos, sure. I like old things. Like this, for example: The big bell in there totally wouldn’t fit through the doorway. So they put the bell on the ground and built the tower around i ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Adderall Diaries

April 29th 2016

Things have been moving so fast it’s hard to find time to sit down and catch up. So sorry about that.   Was able to use Eileen’s frequent flier miles to book a flight to Amsterdam to go see the Bosch exhibit. But F my A 22 hours of travel and 3 plane switches is too much for my 48 year old ass. Brutal. Rushing to finish touches on the café Eileen just opened on Haight and Central, late nights, long lists… hustle hustle… I leave for the airport 4:00 am on Tuesday, Café opens at 6:00. M ...Continue Reading

Chicken: The Book of the Un, Iceland... and beyond!!!

April 4th 2016

Do you know anybody in Iceland?  I need somebody to hook me up. It's fascinating, really. It's been almost 5 years since the Book of the Is came out, and now as I write the Book of the Un, I find myself in need of speaking (in person, on May 2nd and 3rd) to someone from the Icelandic Parliament. And I'm finding it tricky. I mean, I got Dave Eggers to write my forward for the first book you think I could interview someone with a parliament seat in friggin' Iceland for chrissakes... I'm wr ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961

February 26th 2016

In this time of talking about who will be the president of our nation, let us reflect on past leaders and their advice to us. If you are thinking about voting, you may want to consider that in voting for this candidate or that one, you are voting for or against war. Military-Industrial Complex Speech, Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1961 I M ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Thomas Jefferson, wine snob, birthday greetings...

April 13th 2015

"Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal; nothing on earth can help the man with the wrong mental attitude." Thomas Jefferson So he wasn't perfect. He would have been 283 today. He was a complex person who's actions didn't always calibrate with his words, but the times were different back then. And who knows what's true anyway. I hope that he said at least some of the amazing shit thatis accredited to him. He didn't like Jesus so much... Here is another good one: &q ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Fallen Cosmos: it's up to YOU now...

February 2nd 2015 Here’s what we just did: we changed the way people consume arts/entertainment experiences. In one fell swoop we took the commerce part out and what we ended up with was nothing short of sublime. 700 people in a room and not one of them paid a dime to be there. OK< so there were a few people who bought each other tickets and 2 people who successfully cheated. We let them - to experiment with the system and ridicule them later. Imagine you a ...Continue Reading

Chicken: and now, a message about fish...

January 9th 2015

27 years ago in New York City I ran a van company. Punk rock idiots driving around NYC in the worst vans you've ever seen. Moving people, delivering things, bringing bands to their shows, paintings from galleries to studios, getting comics from the airport to the stores... we were all in bands, playing music and working days keeping NY moving. I had a truck and a few vans. Like 4 or 5 employees. It was hard. But the phone would ring. A lot. I had more jobs than I could do. I used to give jobs to other, smaller guy ...Continue Reading
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