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Chicken: Dissertation Defense this Wednesday!!!

March 6th 2017

Tickets available here:  OK, so I know I'm not supposed to use this list as a promotion tool for events but this is important!!!! My last book, the Book of the Un, was written as a dissertation. And who says you can't get a fake PhD if you write the word "dissertaion" on the cover of your book? Not me. So we turn the whole thing into a game show: Defend That Thesis! If I win, I get the shee ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Come watch me defend my dissertation, live!!!! March 8th, Berkely Arts and Letters!!!!

February 16th 2017

*Berkeley Arts & Letters presents: Chicken John Rinaldi / The Book of the Un*   Can one little guy write a manifesto about messy, stupid collaborative artworks that is a global thesis, rooted in art, that supersedes petty kings and commodities?   This is my dissertation. For my PhD in Show. Come see me defend my dissertation LIVE in front of an audience (you!) in Berkeley March 8th!!!!!   Tickets here: ...Continue Reading

Chicken: all politics is local VOTE tomorrow for a new DNC chair

January 7th 2017

How did Bernie get so fucked over? Because the party that he was running for hated him. The guy who could've (and should've) won is detested by his own party memebers that control the apparatus of the party. The DNC. Who is the DNC? They are a group of people that get together and do the Democratic Party. Kinda like people get together and do a Burning Man camp. They're an art group. Sure they are. They are selecting members. Who will then select who runs the DNC. When is this election? IT'S TOMORROW, SUNDAY JANUARY ...Continue Reading

Chicken: I promised I'd send out a note

December 5th 2016

Jason Webley has a new collaberative artwork. It's a weird time to be fundraising for anything but the fire victoms, but I said I'd send a note out to my list and I'm nothing without my word. So here is my note: Jason is wonderful and he put together an amazing group of people and they made a great album and if you suppor this project you won't be disappointed. And we all need wonderful things in our lives right now. Because the fire has fucking gutted us. Give money to the fire releif. And if you have a few ...Continue Reading

Chicken: My election sum up and my new Medium page

November 20th 2016 I have a new Medium account/page whatever. I'm going to put things there. Probably phaze this list out. anyway, this is my summery of the 2016 election. For the record, I'm not a Trump supporter but do think it's possible that there are some positive things to glean with his becoming prez. No, I don't condone racists and I don't wish Muslims any harm or whatever. But here we are. No one listened to me and you probably won't li ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Voter Guide 2016

November 8th 2016

Chicken John Voter Guide 2016   BEFORE I SIGN OFF FROM THIS ELECTION:   I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that this is the presidential election when people saw how powerful “Show” is. Expect to see more of this in the future. For better and worse. Please please please.. adapt to new ways and don’t try to stand firm in old convictions. In the near and far future, Show is going to be the most important currency. In a post-capitalist society the arts will reign supreme. It is our ch ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Another new video for the Book of the Un

September 29th 2016

So the first books arrived today!!!!! Here is another fun video: 5years ago I wrote The Book of the Is – a how-to manual and philosophical cluster fuck for people who want to live their life as art.  To do that you have to embrace Chaos, understand that there are no consequences, and calibrate to failure as successes more interesting and attractive twin.    Now it’s time for the Book of the ...Continue Reading

Chicken: New video for the Book of the Un

September 27th 2016

Thousands of copies of the The Book of the Un are on a truck rumbling towards us from Canada. This book could easily change the world. It could also hold a door open in a moderate wind. You could do with a copy. You could go here, and buy one: You want to know what it's all about? This video will tell you exactly what the book is about. Kinda. Or you could Descend Into Madness with us on Saturday... ...Continue Reading

Chicken: a path to my book for people outside of SF, and a story

September 22nd 2016

If you want to buy a copy of my book (they get here next week) I've set up a page for that: Here is another piece: *_Capt Ray_*   Let’s take a break from bashing Burning Man for a moment, shall we? I mean, if there wasn’t any magic there then aren’t I a fool to have spent so much time shoveling shit against the tide? Let me tell you about my friend, Capt. Ray…   I wanted to build a table for Burning Man one year. Th ...Continue Reading

Chicken: I wrote another book

September 20th 2016

So I ummm, wrote a sequel to the the Book of the Is. It's called, predictably, The Book of the Un. You may have supported the Kickstarter for it a few months ago. I appreciate it. I'm having sort of a pre-book release party on Oct 1st at the 111 Minna Gallery in SF. There is a chapter in the book on the Fallen Cosmos, so we are re-imaging that show for this book release party. As a parade. Yes. A parade. You can hear all about this event and other events w ...Continue Reading
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