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Chicken: Jim Mason to save the world from climate change... no, really!

April 24th 2018

Please consider the following: So some of you know that I made a car run and drive on coffee grinds as fuel. Some of you know that I claim to have made the car run/drive on grinds, but don’t believe me. I don’t blame you, it’s pretty fantastic. But in the same way I didn’t write any of my books, I also didn’t make my car run on bio-mass. Jim did. And it was about good time that guy finished something, but that’s another story… The point here is that he went ALL THE WAY. You should support peo ...Continue Reading

Chicken: FaFaFaFunded!!!!!!

April 5th 2018

Well, we did it. The Kickstarter is funded. No nazi's will be dancing in the street today! Newt Gingrich is crying. The terrorists are back in their churches plotting new ways to bring mediocrity to defeat art. Today is a good day. If you missed the Kickstarter but still want to come to the show, tickets available here: I love every single one of you and that's not just the drugs talking... chickenjohn ...Continue Reading

Chicken: 3 hours to go... still short $1,401... fate of the free world rests in your hands...

April 5th 2018 Is it time to use the whole "fate of the free world" thing? Should I be leaning on the FACT that these could be the last Ask Dr. Hal Shows ever? Well they could be. They are certainly the last shows at the Chez Poulet. And it is certain that San Francisco is changing, has changed. Is changed. Finding an oasis of absurdity is a sea of money should be a welcome respite, no? I mean, the billionaires came and kicked ...Continue Reading

Chicken: 26 hours left for the Ask Dr. Hal Kickstarter

April 4th 2018

Hi everyone! With just 26 hours left on our kickstarter LET THE PANICKING BEGIN! I think it’s important to do shows like this. You probably do too. The problem is that whole “feed the monster” thing. If we don’t do these shows, and if other people don’t do them for whatever reason then the world we live in doesn’t have shows. Mediocrity wins. It’s so easy to just let corporate work culture win. The show is a monster. You have to feed it every once in a while or it eats you. And mediocrity win ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Kickstarter for the Ask Dr. Hal Show! Ends Thursday at 2:13pm!

April 3rd 2018

We are BACK! Ready for action: every Friday in April 2018. The only way to get a ticket is as a reward here on Kickstarter: There are great rewards too... go peek! If this Kickstarter doesn't fund, there will be NO SHOW! So buy a ticket, or buy a block of 4 and give a few away! The show is a science question and answer catastrophe with music, special videos, a supra-genius and a pain in the ass (that's me!). We have don ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Donald Trump in the D&D world...

February 10th 2018

My friend Jeremy Pollock (who’s stupid idea it was to run for mayor then when I did it all but disappeared!) grouped me into a Twitter conversation about Donald Trump in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. I took 10 minutes out of my buzy day to reply on Twitter, but then went home and expanded my thoughts and I’m sharing it here with you. Enjoy!   The conversation begins:   Yesterday at ‪#DND we discussed in length what character Donald Trump would be. Decided:   Neutra ...Continue Reading

Chicken: it all comes down to this...

November 1st 2017

The hearing is in 14 hours. I"ve gotten 140 letters. Not bad. We want 200!!! If you can write one before 10:00 am that would be great. I have to print them all out and give them to the commissioners. ANYONE WHO CAN COME TOMORROW TO SHOW SUPPORT WOULD BE GREAT. 2:00 in room 400, SF City Hall. It's gonna be a good show! Write a letter! Send it to: and cc me: Here is an example letter: President Rich Hillis San Francisco Planning Commission Dear Pres. ...Continue Reading

Chicken: More info about the Chez Poulet conditional use permit and letter writing

October 26th 2017

Hi there. Wow! Such a great response, it's wonderful to know so many of you are out there. Many of you asked what your letters should say, so Jeremy wrote an example letter. Also, the letters should be made out to "President Rich Hillis" not Jonathan Disalvo as I said yesterday. Not a big deal. The hearing will be sometime after 1:00 on Nov 2nd, next Thursday. They will post an agenda at some point, and we will see where we are on that agenda and I'll let you know a more precise time. Here is that examp ...Continue Reading

Conditional Use Permit Hearing SF City Hall Nov 2nd: The Chez Poulet can finally be LEGAL!!!!!!

October 25th 2017

Hi there. After many many years of trying, I’ve finally got “my day in court”. Nov 2nd . Room 400. City Hall. Sometime after 1:00. I NEED SOME HELP. Can you come? I need 50 people to be there and show support. Can you write a letter? Maybe you have had or attended an event at 3359 Ceasr Chavez? If you could write a letter and sign it with your address that would be great! Letters get sent to: (and cc me) He is the “staffer” that planning has given to this case. He is supporting th ...Continue Reading

Chicken: Only two days left for Ask Dr. Hal Kickstarter

March 13th 2017 We HAVE to do this. We have to sell tickets through Kickstarter because you have to commit! Promotion is my new kryptonite. I hate it. IF YOU WANT TO LIVE IN A WORLD WITH AN ASK DR. HAL SHOW, THIS IS YOUR MOMENT!!!! There are some great rewards. The video is mildly entertaining in itself! Ya never know... these could be the Last Ask Dr. Hal Shows EVER!!!!!! chicken ...Continue Reading
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