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This email list is that of Showman Chicken John Rinaldi of San Francisco. You can keep up with his shenanigans and opinions by being on this list. If you would like to be included in a list to announce shows, that would be on the SFIOP.org site. This is for personal writing and such. He posts a few times a week at most. You sound much more important when you speak about yourself in the 3rd person. At least I do when I talk about me as 'him'.

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  1. Chicken: Jane Kim gets it done!!!!!
    Sent May 24th 2016

    http://sfist.com/2016/05/24/supervisor_jane_kim_announces_resol.php That was fast. A petition of 12,000 signers stopped that shit in it's tracks. And it's all over. No renting space in Dolores Park anymore. Boom. Here is a link to Jill Stein's webpage....

  2. Chicken: Dolores Park now charging to reserve spots
    Sent May 24th 2016

    http://sfist.com/2016/05/23/rec_parks_pilot_program_allows_you.php Well 25 people have sent this to me. I'll respond but I'll be brief: First of all, Park and Rec is the ENEMY. Whatever they do, they are doing it against YOU. or US. They want to take P...

  3. Thank you...
    Sent May 12th 2016

    Project put to bed. I'm gonna go play my uke now. you guys are the best. xx chicken ...

  4. Right! The fucking Kickstarter!!!! I knew I was missing something…
    Sent May 12th 2016

    I am 91% funded, still need $1,479 to fund. I’m going to have some kind of aneurism. Can you pull a muscle in your brain, is that possible? I’M 91% FUNDED!!!!!! WITH 2 HOURS TO GO!!!!!! TWO HOURS!!!!!!! There are st...

  5. it's a beautiful day in San Francisco
    Sent May 12th 2016

    Wow. Isn’t it a beautiful day in San Francisco? The sun is shining. A gentle breeze blows in from the west. The buzy people bustle here and there eating their lunches and checking things off their to-do lists. The City of Art and Innovat...

  6. Chicken: Damnlist story teaser & Jason Webley Kickstarter reward!
    Sent May 11th 2016

    The Book of the Un final 22 hours on Kickstarter Hi guys. Just a quick note here that the kickstarter is 75% funded and it ends tomorrow. So I have to, ya know… annoy you with these emails. Sorry! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects...

  7. Chicken: Dr. Popular FUNDED!!!! (plus my Kickstarter)
    Sent May 9th 2016

    Thanks guys, you're awesome! Dr. Popular will now make his comic. He had totally given up, then YOU guys funded this thing. That's awesome. *************************************************************************** Mine's next!!!!! ...

  8. Chicken: Dr. Populars Kickstarter
    Sent May 9th 2016

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/docpop/far-away-a-comic-book-about-friendship-on-a-distan Holy shit! Dr. Popular's Kickstarter is 3 hours away from ending and he's still short like $850 or something. Not on my watch!!!!! Lets fund this pupp...

  9. Chicken: Farewell to Iceland
    Sent May 4th 2016

    Farewell to Iceland Its really been a long time since I sat on a barstool and sipped a beer. So long, in fact, that it was a visceral memory trigger. Ive never spent a lot of time on barstools. Too buzy. Had to drive. No money. The beer in...

  10. Chicken: Iceland. Capitol city of the moon...
    Sent May 3rd 2016

    Being this far up-globe the air is thinner. The water is a deeper, darker blue. Being this close to the moon has some interesting quirks. Everyone here is left handed. Their human disguises barley hide their Fey forms. Spritely slender fingers pruned...

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