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This email lists is that of Showman Chicken John of San Francisco. You can keep up with his shenanigans and shows by being on this list. He also sends out some personal writing and such. He posts a few times a week at most. You sound much more important when you speak about yourself in the 3rd person. At least I do when I talk about me as 'him'.

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  1. Chicken: A Movie about Ace Junkyard?
    Sent October 31st 2014

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/385694025/ace-in-the-hole-death-of-a-junkyard OK. There is a film in the works about Ace Junkyard, where I spent too many hours of my life playing with junk and hanging around with unreasonable people. This is the w...

  2. Chicken: Benjamin Wachs
    Sent October 30th 2014

    http://www.faithstreet.com/onfaith/2014/10/24/how-to-find-spirituality-in-a-nightclub/34694 This is a great article. Written by Benjamin Wachs, the guy who edited the Book of the Is. You should read it. ...

  3. Chicken: Funding the Fundraiser...
    Sent October 24th 2014

    So there are these people in the world. They walk among us. They look like you or me. But they are different. They are SPREADSHEETS. Most of the people in the world are JUMPSUITS. But every once in a while the universe gives us a SPREADSHEET to make ...

  4. Chicken: Last Gasp's Kickstarter ends today...
    Sent October 16th 2014

    In two hours, to be sure. I promised I would push a little for them. They have just squeeked past their goal or $75,000 so they can basically stay in business. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1784498350/last-gasp-books-fall-publishing-season Many ...

  5. You have just under two hours to give the people you know a magic ticket.
    Sent October 15th 2014

    There are still a few tickets left, but we are close to selling out. When the tickets are gone, they are gone. If someone is going to see the Cosmos Fall on January 31st, 2015 you have -/2 hours to get them a ticket. I wish I could entice you to get ...

  6. Chicken: Message
    Sent October 14th 2014

    I wrote a piece for John Laws Cacophony Book/encyclopedia thing. He cut it in half and printed it without editing it. One of the parts he left out was a list I made about where my experiences with the Cacophony Society took me. Where the rubber hits ...

  7. Chicken: Checking in on the Fallen Cosmos...
    Sent October 11th 2014

    OK, so you know that we are throwing an experience based adventure show on Jan 31st 2015 akin to the All Worlds Fair, yes? This event is something you gift to someone else. You may NOT purchase tickets for yourself for this event. We will know. We ha...

  8. Chicken: The Fallen Cosmos Show
    Sent October 3rd 2014

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/403675975/the-fallen-cosmos* I'm used to people telling me I'm crazy. Stupid. Wrong. I'm used to people telling me "that won't work!" *and then I make it work. Happens all the time. ...

  9. Chicken: Send Freddy and Robin to Turkey!!!!!
    Sent September 22nd 2014

    Freddy Price and Robin Frohardt made a puppet show. It's the most elaborate theatre production puppet show I've ever seen. I was totally impressed. Scene changes, live music, moving sets, weather, tons of lighting stuff. A story. A beginning, middle and e...

  10. Chicken:1 hour left to pledge a donation to Margaret
    Sent August 21st 2014

    1 hour left to pledge and go on the GARBAGE TOUR OF SF!!! People are going to be talking about this forever. Trust me, I've got a great night planned. There are secret dumpsters that I have found over the years. I will show them to you!!! Wear shitty...

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