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This email lists is that of Showman Chicken John of San Francisco. You can keep up with his shenanigans and shows by being on this list. He also sends out some personal writing and such. He posts a few times a week at most. You sound much more important when you speak about yourself in the 3rd person. At least I do when I talk about me as 'him'.

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  1. Chicken: Forgot to give you the link
    Sent April 18th 2014

    For the article on housing and tech and the google bus. It's weird, it's been so long since I've read any actual journalism, It seems really odd now. Not that this is some genius work or something... but it's at least written *like* journalism. Although...

  2. Chicken: A few important things on a Friday
    Sent April 18th 2014

    First of all, there are some people on this list that also want to be an my OTHER list. The SFIOP list, which is an events list. As you well know, last year we started a non-profit to implement our good works. We struggled with the paperwork, and are now ...

  3. Chicken: Benjamin Wachs
    Sent April 14th 2014

    Does everybody here know Benjamin Wachs? Raise your hand if you don't. You might not have met him, but you've probably read him. He edited my book: made it great. Remember the All Words Fair? Remember that had an amazing, hilarious, otherworldly...

  4. Anton's bringing motorcycles to Mongolia
    Sent March 24th 2014

    Anton Berdaux fundraising document http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/give-the-rangers-something-to-ride So we all have this friend, this guy Anton Berteaux. He’s a mechanic. Kinda. He’s more of an engineer. Tinkerer. ...

  5. Chicken: my endorsement for David Campos for State Assembly!!!!
    Sent March 21st 2014

    Why? Because he's a shitty supervisor and the quicker he can achieve higher office the better!!!! That means that he'll leave his office a year early, and we will get a new supervisor in the Mission! Maybe someone who will find time to legeslate our hous...

  6. the twins get some press...
    Sent February 25th 2014

    http://blog.sfgate.com/cityexposed/2014/02/16/the-castaneda-twins-similar-by-day-identical-by-night/#20729101=7 So SFgate does an article on the Castaneda twins: Elizabeth and Melissa. The articlet is silly, the video is hysterical a...

  7. Chicken: Book release by Benjamin Wachs
    Sent February 20th 2014

    If you liked the book I wrote, The Book of the Is, you may be interested in reading: A Guide to Bars and Nightlife in the Sacred City Stories by Benjamin Wachs He edited my book. It says so right on the cover: edited by Benjamin ...

  8. Chicken: Porter Fox, man of mystery...
    Sent February 15th 2014

    So my pal and navigator of the Swimming Cities boat project wrote a book. It's called DEEP. No, it's not porn. It's about snow. Which comes from rain. Cold rain. Since I was wearing shorts 3 days ago, this trend of warmer temperatures might be of int...

  9. Chicken: The Writer Automaton
    Sent February 8th 2014

    So many of you know that I'm a mechanic. There are a few mechanics on this list. They are laughing right now. They're just jealous of my aluminum floor jack. Well I wanna share something with you. My love of automatons is vast. Here is the oldest one. And...

  10. This Weekend, bus trip leaves Friday night, come back Sunday night, super amazing event. YOU SHOULD COME!
    Sent January 27th 2014

    So next weekend is this epic party in Virgina City, Nevada. I'm taking my bus. You don't have to, many many people will get their on their own. This event is thrown by Paul DeJong and he's a super cool guy. If you're not otherwise engaged, please write to...

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