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This email lists is that of Showman Chicken John of San Francisco. You can keep up with his shenanigans and shows by being on this list. He also sends out some personal writing and such. He posts a few times a week at most. You sound much more important when you speak about yourself in the 3rd person. At least I do when I talk about me as 'him'.

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  1. Chicken: Send Freddy and Robin to Turkey!!!!!
    Sent September 22nd 2014

    Freddy Price and Robin Frohardt made a puppet show. It's the most elaborate theatre production puppet show I've ever seen. I was totally impressed. Scene changes, live music, moving sets, weather, tons of lighting stuff. A story. A beginning, middle and e...

  2. Chicken:1 hour left to pledge a donation to Margaret
    Sent August 21st 2014

    1 hour left to pledge and go on the GARBAGE TOUR OF SF!!! People are going to be talking about this forever. Trust me, I've got a great night planned. There are secret dumpsters that I have found over the years. I will show them to you!!! Wear shitty...

  3. Chicken:new reward on "Margaret" kickstarted you might be interested in...
    Sent August 20th 2014

    OK, so Jason has added a reward for contributing $45: Garbage Hunting With Chicken John. You get the album, CD whatever, the book and you get to have me take you dumpster diving. Limited to 40 people. Ive got a few special spots that we can go to. Se...

  4. Chicken: please be part of this story with us...
    Sent August 19th 2014

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/562632750/margaret-by-jason-webley-and-friends Margaret I have an opportunity for you. Its a lovely, fascinating, confounding opportunity. It makes no sense, but if you participate you will ...

  5. Chicken: musings about Camp Tipsy
    Sent June 24th 2014

    Building Camp Tipsy this year is really easy. OK, so maybe we didn’t “exactly” have permission to use the building we threw Lost Vegas in. I mean, it’s not like we broke into the bui...

  6. Chicken: Freddi Price to play Chez Poulet Friday 13th
    Sent June 7th 2014

    Freddi Price is a singer/songwriter/Renascence man who is an SF guy who has been living in NYC for the past few years. If you were at Camp Tipsy 2013 he was the Saturday night act that was totally awesome and an indelible mark on all of us. If you know Fr...

  7. Chicken: neat kickstarter, a fungus that eats nuclear waste
    Sent June 4th 2014

    Well this is kinda impressive... a kid partnered with Berkeley Labs and can clean up nuclear waste with mushrooms. Lets everyone give this guy a few dollars and keep an eye on this kickstarter for the next few weeks. He seems like a real good guy, talked ...

  8. Chicken: Message
    Sent June 3rd 2014

    So its election day. Which David are you going to vote for in the Assembly race, thats whats on everyones mind. Do you vote for the underdog? Or for the guy from the establishment? Me, Im thinking underdog. Im thinking David Salaverry, the Republican...

  9. heart to heart about fundraising, community and promotion PART THREE
    Sent June 2nd 2014

    OK, first of all I have to send this out to show you. Any of you who were around last night (Sunday night) to see this when I sent it out will know that at the time of my sending with 3 hours to go, the “DCC Chained Coffinâ€&#...

  10. heart to heart about fundraising, community and promotion PART TWO
    Sent June 1st 2014

    OK. So I received hundreds of responces from my email: heart to heart about fundraising, community and promotion. People grateful and inquisitive and all that. But mostly people saying (of course), I knew that I just wasn't quite there. I'm writing anothe...

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