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This email list is that of Showman Chicken John Rinaldi of San Francisco. You can keep up with his shenanigans and opinions by being on this list. If you would like to be included in a list to announce shows, that would be on the SFIOP.org site. This is for personal writing and such. He posts a few times a week at most. You sound much more important when you speak about yourself in the 3rd person. At least I do when I talk about me as 'him'.

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  1. Chicken: Donald Trump in the D&D world...
    Sent February 10th 2018

    My friend Jeremy Pollock (whos stupid idea it was to run for mayor then when I did it all but disappeared!) grouped me into a Twitter conversation about Donald Trump in the world of Dungeons and Dragons. I took 10 minutes out of my buzy day to reply ...

  2. Chicken: it all comes down to this...
    Sent November 1st 2017

    The hearing is in 14 hours. I"ve gotten 140 letters. Not bad. We want 200!!! If you can write one before 10:00 am that would be great. I have to print them all out and give them to the commissioners. ANYONE WHO CAN COME TOMORROW TO SHOW SUPPORT WOU...

  3. Chicken: More info about the Chez Poulet conditional use permit and letter writing
    Sent October 26th 2017

    Hi there. Wow! Such a great response, it's wonderful to know so many of you are out there. Many of you asked what your letters should say, so Jeremy wrote an example letter. Also, the letters should be made out to "President Rich Hillis" not J...

  4. Conditional Use Permit Hearing SF City Hall Nov 2nd: The Chez Poulet can finally be LEGAL!!!!!!
    Sent October 25th 2017

    Hi there. After many many years of trying, I’ve finally got “my day in court”. Nov 2nd . Room 400. City Hall. Sometime after 1:00. I NEED SOME HELP. Can you come? I need 50 people to be there and s...

  5. Chicken: Only two days left for Ask Dr. Hal Kickstarter
    Sent March 13th 2017

    https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/403675975/the-ask-dr-hal-show?ref=creator_nav We HAVE to do this. We have to sell tickets through Kickstarter because you have to commit! Promotion is my new kryptonite. I hate it. IF YOU WANT TO LIVE IN A WORLD WIT...

  6. Chicken: Dissertation Defense this Wednesday!!!
    Sent March 6th 2017

    Tickets available here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/2795181 OK, so I know I'm not supposed to use this list as a promotion tool for events but this is important!!!! My last book, the Book of the Un, was written as a dissertation....

  7. Chicken: Come watch me defend my dissertation, live!!!! March 8th, Berkely Arts and Letters!!!!
    Sent February 16th 2017

    *Berkeley Arts & Letters presents: Chicken John Rinaldi / The Book of the Un* Can one little guy write a manifesto about messy, stupid collaborative artworks that is a global thesis, rooted in art, that supersedes petty kings and commo...

  8. Chicken: all politics is local VOTE tomorrow for a new DNC chair
    Sent January 7th 2017

    How did Bernie get so fucked over? Because the party that he was running for hated him. The guy who could've (and should've) won is detested by his own party memebers that control the apparatus of the party. The DNC. Who is the DNC? They are a group of pe...

  9. Chicken: I promised I'd send out a note
    Sent December 5th 2016

    Jason Webley has a new collaberative artwork. It's a weird time to be fundraising for anything but the fire victoms, but I said I'd send a note out to my list and I'm nothing without my word. So here is my note: Jason is wonderful and he put tog...

  10. Chicken: My election sum up and my new Medium page
    Sent November 20th 2016

    https://medium.com/@johnrinaldi/show-wins-687a30f20124#.cctscztmc I have a new Medium account/page whatever. I'm going to put things there. Probably phaze this list out. anyway, this is my summery of the 2016 election. For the ...

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