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Date: November 1st 2017

The hearing is in 14 hours. I"ve gotten 140 letters. Not bad. We want 200!!! If you can write one before 10:00 am that would be great. I have to print them all out and give them to the commissioners.


2:00 in room 400, SF City Hall. It's gonna be a good show!

Write a letter! Send it to:


and cc me:


Here is an example letter:

President Rich Hillis

San Francisco Planning Commission

Dear Pres. Hillis:

I am a (neighborhood resident near Chez Poulet) ( working artist in San Francisco)( mission district business owner)( international man of mystery)(San Francisco educator)(nonprofit XYZ) (Mission District sex worker)( concerned San Franciscan)(New York art critic)( world renowned restauranteur).

I wish to express the strongest possible support for Mr. Rinaldi in his efforts to legalize his multiuse arts facility in the mission district.

This location has meant much to me and my (family)(BDSM Club) (community) (affinity group) ( youth organization) (theme camp) (isis cell) We did this this and this important and wonderful thing that would not have been possible were it not for Chez Poulet.

(Briefly describe the event and why it was so cool to have it happen in the mission instead of in Oakland)

This resource must be saved.

Please do everything you can to support and encourage the fine work going on at this location - does anybody know of any grants available to help do seismic upgrades?

Thank you very much,

John Q Public

address and ZIP Code

17 years of trying to get this bullshit done. I'm going to have a drink tomorrow night, either way. The end of an earache!!!!!! I'll post on this list to tell you guys what happened. It's a complicated puzzle, that's for sure.


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