Chicken: 26 hours left for the Ask Dr. Hal Kickstarter

From: "Chicken:" <>
Subject: Chicken: 26 hours left for the Ask Dr. Hal Kickstarter
Date: April 4th 2018

Hi everyone! With just 26 hours left on our kickstarter LET THE PANICKING BEGIN!

I think it’s important to do shows like this. You probably do too. The problem is that whole “feed the monster” thing. If we don’t do these shows, and if other people don’t do them for whatever reason then the world we live in doesn’t have shows. Mediocrity wins. It’s so easy to just let corporate work culture win. The show is a monster. You have to feed it every once in a while or it eats you. And mediocrity wins.

Defying mediocrity isn’t something you do just when someone points a camera at you. It comes in a billion forms and you do it in your moments. I once opened my sock drawer and sprinkled some salt from a salt shaker on my socks. Just because probably no one had ever done that before. Ineffective way to defy mediocrity? Who knows… what I do know is that we keep getting shuffled into default modes. They keep lighting the easy way. I’d rather stumble in the dark than take the way everyone else is going…

You will feel like you are stumbling in the dark at the Ask Dr. Hal Show! It’s improv. It can fail. It can be a miserable waste of time. It can be a shiny moment of intellectual triumph. It can rival an 80’s stoner movie with its dumb jokes. You could be inspired by the show. Because you can do better or because you can’t believe how amazing it is. You could forget that there is a soundtrack that is making the show work. You could forget that it’s not scripted. You could have any number of responses/opinions to the show but one that you will not have is that the show is average. Or mediocre. It can’t be.

I can’t do the show with just collecting ticket money at the door. I can’t do it. It doesn’t work. Hal gets $50 and the venue loses money. And there are 13 people at the show and nobody’s happy. So this is the way to do it. You sell the tickets in advance, all or nothing. If we don’t get to $7,500 the show doesn’t happen. Last year we did the same Kickstarter and it (barely) funded with 128 backers. This year we have 26 hours left, 84 backers and 63% funded.

The Ask Dr. Hal Show is time well spent. For us. For you. Please consider contributing to our Kickstarter so we can do this important work.

Thank you chickenjohn

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