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Date: October 25th 2017

Hi there. After many many years of trying, I’ve finally got “my day in court”. Nov 2nd . Room 400. City Hall. Sometime after 1:00.


Can you come? I need 50 people to be there and show support.

Can you write a letter? Maybe you have had or attended an event at 3359 Ceasr Chavez? If you could write a letter and sign it with your address that would be great! Letters get sent to:

Jonathan.disalvo@sfgov.org (and cc me)

He is the “staffer” that planning has given to this case. He is supporting the idea of giving the Chez Poulet a “conditional use permit”. Which would mean we could operate legally (after we did some construction).

This is kinda a big deal. Art spaces in SF are disappearing. I’ve been operating, but the liability is HUGE: no permits, no insurance… it’s not fair that I have this much exposure. So lets get legal! This is how we do that.

If you support this, please write a letter and write me back and tell me if you can make it on Nov 2nd.

I truly appreciate it.

“Chicken” John Rinaldi 415-215-1632

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