Chicken: Come watch me defend my dissertation, live!!!! March 8th, Berkely Arts and Letters!!!!

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Subject: Chicken: Come watch me defend my dissertation, live!!!! March 8th, Berkely Arts and Letters!!!!
Date: February 16th 2017

Berkeley Arts & Letters presents: Chicken John Rinaldi / The Book of the Un


Can one little guy write a manifesto about messy, stupid collaborative artworks that is a global thesis, rooted in art, that supersedes petty kings and commodities?


This is my dissertation. For my PhD in Show. Come see me defend my dissertation LIVE in front of an audience (you!) in Berkeley March 8th!!!!!


Tickets here:

How do we get an artists constitution?

An artists' democracy -- sovereign outside of governments?

Who will lead us into the time of peace, prosperity, ecology and balance?

What is "severe comedy"? Does it hurt?

The Book of the Un, by Chicken John Rinaldi, has the answer.

The Book of the Un is a how to manual and philosophical tour de force from the guy who literally wrote the book on failure. The Book of the Un follows Chicken's first book, The Book of the Is, a how-to manual and philosophical clusterfuck for people who want to live their life as art, with examples of messy art collaborations and chaos magic bullshit. The Book of the Is was all about failure and Show. That for a Show to be magical, you have to understand Severe Comedy, understand that there are no consequences, and calibrate to failure as successs more interesting and attractive twin.

Now its time for The Book of the Un --  a how-to manual and philosophical tour-de-force for collaborative arts in the new millennium. This book is about Control and the systems that Ive noticed that help the Chaos that creates an ecology that makes the kind of art that changes the world.

Were in a Movement of Movements. Festivals are springing up like summer weeds; arts collaboratives are emerging as a potent force; people are seeing that slivers of the fringe are unoccupied and settling in. There is a real estate-style land grab happening in the arts. Non-profits are opening in every sector, non-profit giving is up; everyone, everywhere, is in a movement due to the proliferation of our communication tools. Something amazing is happening.

But most of these groups will read from a script that doesn't have a happy ending. Not just for their content, but as organizations. The new millennium calls for a new kind of arts organization, but most groups keep applying the models that didn't even work 50 years ago

Thats not the kind of failure we need.

The Book of the Un is about gift culture. We need a way to make money work for us while thinking outside of commerce.

We need a global thesis that supersedes petty kings and commodities.

Its about how we get to an artists constitution, an artists democracy, sovereign outside of governments bound by lines on maps.

Chicken John Rinaldi is a Showman living in San Francisco. He is a documented confusionist. He is a qualified insultant. He is the director of the San Francisco Institute of Possibility. In his spare time, he enjoys long walks off a short pier, underwater basket weaving, and writing dumb bios about himself.

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