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Date: December 5th 2016

Jason Webley has a new collaberative artwork. It's a weird time to be fundraising for anything but the fire victoms, but I said I'd send a note out to my list and I'm nothing without my word. So here is my note:

Jason is wonderful and he put together an amazing group of people and they made a great album and if you suppor this project you won't be disappointed. And we all need wonderful things in our lives right now. Because the fire has fucking gutted us. Give money to the fire releif. And if you have a few bucks left over for whatever future we may or may not have left go here:


The campaign ends in 5 hours...

And make plans with friends to fly to Tuscum Arizonia for the weekend or something. Life can be brutal and short and there is no fucking reason why you don't have vacation plans on your calendar with your dear ones. Don't wait.


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