Chicken: My election sum up and my new Medium page

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Subject: Chicken: My election sum up and my new Medium page
Date: November 20th 2016

I have a new Medium account/page whatever. I'm going to put things there. Probably phaze this list out.

anyway, this is my summery of the 2016 election. For the record, I'm not a Trump supporter but do think it's possible that there are some positive things to glean with his becoming prez. No, I don't condone racists and I don't wish Muslims any harm or whatever. But here we are. No one listened to me and you probably won't listen to me now either. But here are the words.

Show Wins…

A thirty year Showman’s take on 2016 General Election   by Chicken John Rinaldi

The moment I saw that Donald Trump was entering the race, I knew he would win. And I knew he would win “somehow”. It wouldn’t be fair or just or anything like anyone had ever seen before. He is a Showman. And he would manipulate the media like any good Showman would. He would dominate the conversation. He wouldn’t have to spend a penny. He would capitalize on his fame. He would cause total chaos. He would make his opponent irrelevant. And at the end of the day not actually give a fuck if he won or not. To him it’s just another game in a long list of games. 

I”ve been a Showman for over 30 years. Where most people have a hard time harvesting interest in their productions, I never have. Because to me, it’s just a game. I’m a hack. I don’t have any real talent and I don’t really have any credibility to lose. I go farther than most other people would go to get people to pay attention to me. Or at least I did, before I found a niche that suited me. To be relevant, I would do or say outrageous things to get the media to write about me. To bizarre and comical ends. It was totally outside of any ethical confines, but much later in life I thought about what would happen if politics and ‘Show’ ever collided and the conclusion I came to was exactly the slow motion train wreck we all just watched.

Show wins.

I mean, sure... it didn’t help that Hillary had a list of problems to begin with. She wasn’t the ideal candidate. Tons of baggage. It was almost as if the Democratic Party was showing off, running Hillary. From the beginning, the election seemed like a formality. An inconvenience beneath her. Anyone who opposed her was instantly anti-women. Well, that’s how it felt. She wasn’t particularly good on camera, with the press or as a speaker and she didn’t look particularly healthy or happy.  Show would use that to it’s advantage. Hillary lost the key Democratic voters when the DNC colluded to thwart any due process Bernie Sanders deserved. Bernie wanted to just run for president and you run until the convention then you see who wins. The DNC wanted him to fold early, they didn’t like that he was drawing crowds of 40,000 people. They kept trying to tell him that Hillary was the inevitability, but he was old fashioned and wanted to keep trying.

Big mistake. Show wins.

The show the DNC wasn’t seeing was that Bernie became a movement. Hillary was just a person. The Bernie movement cost Hillary more votes than she could afford. That combined with great turn out for  Trump, we have Show working FOR Trump and Show working AGAINST Hillary. Bernie was such a movement, that people were writing him in even when he asked them not to. Look at the numbers in Michigan, 110,000 filled out ballots but left the presidential selection blank. All Hillary needed was 13,500 of them to beat Trump. What % of those ‘blank’ slates were people writing in Bernie? It’s all right there. The people who wrote Bernie in were the people who were TOTALLY OUTRAGED at what the DNC did at the convention (and before). The way the Bernie people were treated at the convention was baffling. I watched with stunned disbelief at the in-fighting and wondered if there would be a Democratic Party left when this is over. And I’m still wonderin g that now. Because I just heard that Big Pharma lobbyist Howard Dean is thinking about running the DNC. The guy who was EATEN by show? The guy that the media-created hoax “the Dean scream” was about? Are you fucking kidding?

Wrong side of the show.

You see, not only is show the most powerful force, you have to be able to control show. You have to know how it works, and do tons of improv. You have to have been using show for decades. You have to be a person who has lived their life in show. Someone who has been in the public eye. Who understands PR. Not someone who gets eaten by show. The show that Hillary didn’t do was to win the nomination and at the convention announce to everyone that she is giving Bernie first pick at ANY seat in her cabinet. Or that she was going to allow Bernie to select a seat or two seats or specific seats or whatever. Instead, they very quietly adopted his $15 an hour minimum wage with zero fanfare an zero hat tipping. Zero show. Zero clues. Zero consideration for the people they alienated. What appeared to be zero fucks given. The arrogance was just amazing. Bernie has a movement. Obama had a movement. Trump has a movement. Hell, if it wasn’t for the movement that Ross Pero t had, we would have never even have heard of that obscure Governor from Arkansas and his wife. If Ross didn’t run, George Bush Sr. would have won his second term easily and in 1996 the open presidential seat would have attracted more competition. People who hate Ralph Nader never mention Ross Perot. That guy had a movement. He had a show. He was the first person to introduce the idea of  “electronic direct democracy”. But he was a kooky weirdo, and quit. But while he ran, he DOMINATED the press with his brand of kooky. But he was on the wrong side of show. He wasn’t a Showman. But neither is Hillary. Nor is Howard Dean. They don’t have movements. They are tin eared, out of touch relics of the Democratic Party.

How can Show help us now?

Well it feels like we need a unicorn. We need someone who deals in Show and isn’t an egomaniac nightmare law & order Nazi. We need to understand that Show is just a path. The Democratic Party’s path ended on Tuesday Nov 8th 2016. That path was an experiment. It failed. Trump’s path will fail as well, ultimately, because he won’t be on the right side of history. He’ll embolden the right to fuck things up in the historic way that neocons do, and the results will be the same as the last time the ball bounced across the court, just more extreme. Just like everything else. In Ross Perots’ words: “Keep in mind our Constitution predates the Industrial Revolution. Our founders did not know about electricity, the train, telephones, radio, television, automobiles, airplanes, rockets, nuclear weapons, satellites, or space exploration. There's a lot they didn't know about. It would be interesting to see what kind of document they'd dr aft today. Just keeping it frozen in time won't hack it.” It’s time to hear this kinda thing from a millennial. That unicorn we need is never coming. It’s up to all of us to be more familiar with show so we can’t be manipulated by the media and their inability to leave the low hanging fruit hang. So we can see that a poll that says it’s 99% likely that a person will win a presidential election is just an endorsement on steroids and NOT JOURNALISM. If we were better at seeing and creating Show we wouldn’t stand for the fraudulent conspiracy of the heads of the DNC. Our communication tools are going to get better, of course. We will get better at using them. And sooner or later this country HAS to adopt a new constitution. One with UBI, defines nature as having the same (or more) rights than a person and one that puts medical care outside of commerce. For a start. Our problem has always been that we are waiting for a unicorn that is never coming. We all just need to get on a path that is not just going to become irrelevant. And end.

Because if you know how to work Show, that is the lever you use. You make your enemy irrelevant. Which is exactly what the Democratic Party is right now. Irrelevant.

The path that we all need to be on is going to take more work than a party affiliation. We need a global path to walk down. We need to think bigger than identifying with either red or blue and a few unsolvable wedge issues. We need an understanding outside of lines on maps and outside of commerce.

You all need to be better at Show. This last election would have made PT Barnham proud. He’s looking down right now, beaming with delight saying “What a show!”
The simple fact is that history is full of stories of people with power underestimating their enemies. Like, every single story.  Now that Trump has all the power, I sincerely hope he underestimates us when we get our shit together.

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