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Subject: Chicken: and now, a message about fish...
Date: January 9th 2015

27 years ago in New York City I ran a van company. Punk rock idiots driving around NYC in the worst vans you've ever seen. Moving people, delivering things, bringing bands to their shows, paintings from galleries to studios, getting comics from the airport to the stores... we were all in bands, playing music and working days keeping NY moving. I had a truck and a few vans. Like 4 or 5 employees. It was hard. But the phone would ring. A lot. I had more jobs than I could do. I used to give jobs to other, smaller guys. It was a rouges gallery of marginal people with vans. The Russian. The sculptor. The actor. The mook. The machine. And then there was Kirk. He played the harmonica. He was a hard worker, very reliable. When he left NYC, he asked to sell me his van for $200. I agreed. Unseen, to help him out.

The van was the worse thing I've ever seen. He left it double parked, came up to my apartment and collected the money and dashed out the door dropping the keys. He moved to California. The van was so rusty, the doors wouldn't close. They were tied shut with shoelaces. The brake pedal was hard as a rock, but hardly stopped the vessel. It smelled like fish or something. It died the very next day on the Williamsburg bridge on it's first job.

When I moved to SF and re-connected with Kirk, he apologized profusely about the van. I told him that someday I will ask him for something to make it up to me.


Kirk now has a wonderful son, and a baby on the way. He helped make the band Rube Waddell and get a job for the government doing fish sustainability 15 years ago. He really got into fish. The recession of 2008 erased the department that he worked in with the fish stuff. So like many other people he became an entrepreneur. He started a CSF (community supported fishery). It's a neat thing. He's a "Fish Monger". He's a fish advocate. He's a fish guy.

Here is how the CSF works: you give him some $$. Once a week you pick up fish (or clams, oysters, crab, shrimp or whatever is fresh and amazing that week) at the Chez on Chavez. But here is the thing, he only finds the freshest stuff, none of it factory farmed. Literally off the boat THAT DAY. The way it used to be. Yes, it's a little more money. But it reflects the ACTUAL COST, which is important.

Here is more info and links:

In the spirit of a produce CSA, there’s Sea Forager CSF.

Sea Forager Seafood
Sustainable Seafood Subscription: Kirk Lombard, fisherman, educator, entertainer and founder of Seaforager Tours now offers delicious seafood that you can feel great about. Sea Forager Seafood is a Community Supported Fishery (CSF) membership program that provides super fresh, sustainable seafood and a wealth of information about what makes it sustainable, how to prepare it, and recipes  and events. You can sign up for a weekly or biweekly seafood package, and order additional seafood in our web store if you're having friends for dinner or put your account on hold as needed. From salmon to sablefish, crabs to coonstriped shrimp, Lombard delivers fresh seasonal seafood and supports healthy fisheries and ethical fishing practices.

Sign up info page:!order/ciy3

What is sustainable seafood?!sustainable---information/cz0r

Order page:

When: Sea Forager delivers a cooler containing individual packages on ice to Chez Poulet  Wednesdays, 5:00p-8p. 

More details: find it all at


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