Camp Tipsy 2012 recap…

From: "Chicken:" <>
Subject: Camp Tipsy 2012 recap…
Date: July 12th 2012

OK. Camp Tipsy is cleaned, put to bed and happy. I just got back Tuesday nite, everything done. 1,600 people came this year. No injuries. 58 boats in the contest. 3 great musical performances. No big garbage left, no additional fees on toilets, everyone mooped their sites. No fights, no car collisions, no drunk idiot in the fire. Go us!

Our donation collecting was sub-optimal: 1,600 divided by $14,375 we collected is less then $9 per person. I spent around $14,500. I know. You think I’m just making this up…

Here is an itemized list of what I spent so you can see it:

6 High Rock Security gaurds            $3,500
2 million dollar insurance policy      $2,400
portable toilets                                $900
40 yard garbage dumpster          $700
4 trips to the dump                         $300
rental truck                                    $700

fuel, propaine, food, and other
assorted costs for set up and clean

up crew                                                      $700
musicians                                        $1,400
PA rental                                       $200
“boat” materials                              $300
paid help                                         $1,700
Rent at NIMBY for build days      $500

Storage at NIMBY for junkyard $1,200

That’s $14,500 and that’s before I spent $$ on a million little things. And before I pay for the storage for the next year for all that junk. Last year storage was $2,700. It will be less this year, as I’ve paired down a little. Maybe $2,000. $2,000 that I do not have today…

I also need to write a proposal to the powers that be for a plan for the next few Camp Tipsys’. I need to write up an environmental impact report as a start, and do a traffic plan and a emergency plan… This document that needs to be made by someone above my pay grade. I was hoping to collect donations to cover all this. You didn’t know I adhere to lofty goals? Huh. Well now ya know…

I wish there was another revenue stream, but there isn’t. Unless I throw a show or something, but they always lose money.

So if you went to Camp Tipsy and didn’t pay, or were one of the people who gave a few dollar bills send a guy a few 20 dollar bills. Also, 3 people gave me checks and I can’t find them anywhere. I think I may have thrown them away. 2 of them were made out to Chicken and were useless anyway. Especially people who didn’t break down their boats. That was 2 days right there.

The cigarette butt thing is stupid. We picked up forty thousand butts. Next year Camp Tipsy is no smoking. Suck it. Flicking butts in the water? Really? Anyone who smokes should send me the equivalent $$ of a carton of cigarettes right now. Fucker.

Straight up truth department:

Sexual assault happens. It happens on camping trips. In people’s tents. The perpetrators of these crimes can be people you know. People you know, who are in your community can exhibit predatory behavior. And then cross the line. And commit 2 felonies. At Camp Tipsy. This is all factual. A man many people know (I do not know him), harassed 2 girls at Camp Tipsy. Then after much drinking (or so he says), entered these girls tent (they were sharing a tent) and put his hands on one of the girls. They chased him out of the tent. In the morning, she went to our awesome security and asked what to do. They contacted me, and asked me what to do. I told them, and I’ll tell you right now loudly YOU CALL THE SHERRIF, YOU HAVE THE PIECE OF SHIT ARRESTED AND YOU DEMAND THAT HE DOES JAIL TIME. Predatory behavior looks like this: he picked 2 girls with no guy connected to them. Strangers. They didn’t know anyone. Kinda hippy style dressers. See how the mind of the predator works? Maybe he thought that if confronted he could use social capitol to talk his way out of it. He made sure other people saw him ‘blind drunk’, maybe that would work. Or maybe he was counting on the girls being too shy to report it. Which is probably what happens 80% of the time.

He was arrested, charged and I hope the sentencing he gets is fair. A person like this need rehabilitation. His DNA will be on file forever now, and he will likely be tagged with something of this for the rest of his life. Which is the right thing to happen. Because now if he ever gets a repeat offence, he’ll die in prison. And that’s tough stuff. But you gotta do the right thing. If you see someone acting inappropriately, pull him aside and say something. Or tell security. Or just call 911. And if anyone ever crosses any line with you or someone you know, you MUST report it and you must know that next time it might go farther. With a person who is weaker then you. Maybe the person who gets assaulted after you is a drug addict, with a warrant. She can’t call the cops. Or a predator finds a foreigner, who has over-stayed her visa. There are people in weak situations. But anyone in this community has the strength of ALL of us. And I will tell you we will stand by you, an d we will be there for you.

I asked the Sheriff if this bodes poorly for our little camp out, and was heartened and proud of his response: “It bodes well for your community that the victim stood up for herself and you all supported her. This kind of thing happens all the time, but is rarely reported. “ There is it.

I hate that I have to be telling you this, but I don’t wanna sweep it under the rug, because that’s not gonna help stop it. And this can.


Here are some links to photos of Camp Tipsy 2012. Throwing this event is the best time of my year, thanks to everyone who came for the opportunity to get my ass kicked and create magic moment after magic moment stacked up to the sky.

Here is a great little video…

Please email me with your photo sets or videos. We will share.

If you havn’t made a donation, you can mail cash or check to me at 3359 Army Street SF Ca 94110 or paypal me at

If you know people who went to Tipsy and aren’t on this list, please forward this mail to them.


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