Chicken wrote a book, call to artists...

From: "Chicken:" <>
Subject: Chicken wrote a book, call to artists...
Date: July 15th 2011

They came today....



The Book of the Is arrived. I can't even fit them in the back of my truck, there are so many of them. 2,500 copies... 3 giant pallets.

The official release date is September 15th. It's a handsome book, if I might say so myself. Hardcover. Full color every page. Neat.

There are so many people to thank and this has been such a process... but I have authered my first book and I am slightly beaming with pride.

220 pages of lies a propaganda. 60,000 words. 11 chapters. 247 photographs. One idea: no consequences.

Swoon is doing a limited edition slip cover for the tome. Which is gonna be awesome. You remember Swoon, don't 'cha? She's the lady who I built those boats for. There is a chapter about the boats in the book, a beautiful photo essay of stunning work by Neiltron and Tod Seely. I call her Miss Cut n Clip, for the kind of work she produces. Have you seen it? It's powerful stuff....


to name a few. Her covers are gonna be completly awesome. She does cut outs, then wheat pastes them to walls in the most unlikely places. Kinda pops out at ya as you walk by. The boats that she made were both haunting and whimisical. If that's even possible...


The idea is to get some other artists to do either a few or even just one cover for my book, and do a gallery show in NYC and maybe one here in SF in October/November where we show the work and people can just buy the books off the wall. A fun group show.

Are you a visual artist? Would you like to be considered to be in this show? Maybe someone you know? We are thinking like 20 to 40 people. The book is like 7" X 10".  Send me some stuff for consideration. It'll be totally fun. Then we'll all go to NYC and wreak havok...


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