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Date: April 29th 2011

At the 9th hour, fierce negotiations between La Cocina, Chicken, Supe. Scott Wieners office and a few fixer mediators have come to a breakthrough!!!!

Gillian Gillette, assistant to Supe. Wiener, has petitioned DPW to put the trailer in the 'cut in' at Cumberland street. Which would be, basically, at the curb. Not 'in' the park proper. Technicalities aside. Everyone wins. And we all eat tacos.

I am postponing the puke in for 6 months. To allow time for Gillian to make the arrangements. Gillian is possibly the most effective person I've ever met. In that time, they will be in the park, so the discussion can still continue. We can see what it's like. But we have an agreement that it's for only 6 months. Read the letter below.

Its been a battle. But it's been really educational, for everyone. One of the things I've learned in this is that we really need to keep educating people and we really need to keep educating ourselves. There were things that I thought I knew, but things change. There were things that I thought other people knew. And was dead wrong.

Tomorrow, I hope you will join me in Dolores Park at noon, for a day of guitar struming, ukulele playing, sunning, laughing and playing. I'll be the guy at the fake vomit stand. I've gotta get my $750 back, I need it to pay my mortgage...

here is the note from La Cocina's Caleb Zigas:

San Francisco is a city full of dialogue. It's one of the many reasons that people love this place, and a reputation that we've gained over the years. The last couple of weeks have seen an intense dialogue about Dolores Park, one that we've been very much a part of. It's clear that people and communities are passionate about Dolores Park. We are too -  it's one of the reasons that we first leapt at the opportunity for our clients to have a presence there. it's a park that is, in so many ways, symbolic of this city. From the views, to the people to the history and, well, even to this. 

La Cocina pursued this opportunity because it is a great way to bring great food, made by great people, to a great community in a great park. We still believe that all of these things are, well, great. But being part of a community means listening to the community, and we take that seriously. We will be launching our trailer tomorrow at Dolores Park, pursuant to our contract with the Recreation and Parks Department, and are thrilled at the opportunity to do. Through conversations with the Office of the Supervisor and other interested parties, however, we are committed to a compromise that works for everyone. To that end, we are enthusiastic about the prospect of moving our trailer from inside of the park to the curb cut-in space at the entrance of the park at Dolores and 19th. Working the Supervisor Wiener and the appropriate City Departments, we would still honor our contracts and payment agreement to Rec and Parks, ideally generating at least some positive economic impact for them while serving the neighbors and community of Dolores Park to the extent possible. We have understood that this process could take up to six months, and, if at that point we have not been able to move, we will be happy to find a space for our trailer and vendors where they are embraced by the community elsewhere.

At the end of the day, we very much believe that a happy ending is an agreement that everyone can be happy about. And we are excited at having found this potential ending after this long road.


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